BcUK Photograph of 2021 March Heat Vote

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Anyone for sailing?
Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
No jokes but being the 1st April means it'a time for you to decide who's the winner of the MarchHeat of this years photograph competetion.

The theme for March was Up Close - Natural Cordage.

As in previous heats the winner will go through to the grand final in December, also their picture will be used on the BCUK Facebook page.

Voters will get two votes each which, once cast, they can't change.

Without any further ado here's the entries.

Picture 1
Taken by MartinK9, titled 'A decade's a long time'

Picture 2
Taken by Kepis, titled 'Bramble Cordage'

Picture 3
Taken by g4ghb, titled 'It Must Be Love!'

Picture 4
Taken by Broch, titled 'Rush Plait'

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