BcUK Photograph of 2021 July Heat

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Mar 5, 2008
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The calendar is telling me we're into a new month now so that means it's time for the July heat for the 2021 Photograph competition. :)

This months theme is

July Black and white – From the Ground Up a Tree Trunk. The picture must be a black and white photograph, not colour and must be a view looking up into the canopy taken at the base of a tree trunk.

For the competition rules and themes for the other months throughout the year please look here but important do remember that due to the ongoing Corvid – 19 pandemic there is no restriction on when the photograph was taken. So if you have a picture in your archive that meets with the theme and competition rules then please do enter it.

Could I please ask that you try to refrain from having discussions and posting additional pictures in this thread. I appreciate folks like to comment but when people respond by quoting previous posts complete with photos and expand on comments it can get quite messy and a tad difficult for me to sort everything out when I do the vote for the month thread.

Good luck to everyone who enters :)


Jan 6, 2017
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