BBC Expedition Borneo

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May 9, 2005
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Not sure if this has been posted but BBC1 in Jan looks very interesting :D

We are pleased to announce the screening dates of the BBC/Discovery co-production series “Expedition Borneo” that Woody assisted in the making of over a seven week period at the start of the year.

From the BBC press office:

....... deep in the heart of the island of Borneo is a lost world of mountains, jungles and ravines which hide a vast abundance of wildlife. But it is disappearing – fast.

In this week-long series, the BBC has assembled a team of jungle specialists – scientists, climbers and wildlife filmmakers – to explore this extraordinary habitat before it is too late, as felling the rainforest for tropical timber and converting the land to oil palm plantation threatens this extraordinary ecosystem. In a decade's time, however, much of it may be gone.

The expedition's aim is to track down and film the amazing animals that live in this wilderness. The hope is that this evidence will help in the struggle to conserve this region for ever.

The first phase of the expedition sees the team living in a base camp deep in the jungle. Their camp is basic and has to be a laboratory, living quarters and command centre.

It is a tough place to live and work – as hot as a sauna and just as humid. Leeches have to be picked off the body constantly and the smallest cuts quickly turn bad. Rainforest trees also come crashing down in the tropical storms which blow in, one of which narrowly misses base camp.

But, after four weeks, they have found over 100 species of extraordinary animals – many never recorded in this area before.

The team then moves on to phase two, heading even deeper into the mountains in the heart of Borneo. One team travels up remote rivers rarely seen by outsiders, while the second team makes a daring descent into a gigantic collapsed cave. And, in the climax of the series, they squeeze through terrifyingly small gaps to discover a whole new system of cave chambers never seen before by man.

Programme 1: Monday 1st January 5.50pm
Programme 2: Tuesday 2nd January 7pm
Programme 3: Wednesday 3rd January 7pm
Programme 4: Thursday 4th January 7pm
Programme 5: Friday 5th January 7 pm

Further to these dates there is to be a 2 hour “special” to be screened on the Discovery channel in February.


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