Basha, beer, brews and burgers

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steven andrews

Mar 27, 2004
This is a duplicate of my post over in BritishBlades..

A very pleasant evening out with three friends, in our usual spot, where we've been going for about 18 years.

The Hilleberg Hotel (Tarp10XP), pitched lean-to, with room for the four of us:

There seemed to be quite a lot of cutlery about..

Mine: AFCK, Joel Bolden #1, Vnox Bantam (for the bottle opener ;) )

Fellow BBer jjv110's Fallkniven Odin :O and Leatherman Sideclip:

Fellow BBer Smithy's Buck 110:

And very-well-equipped-Lance's British Army knife, Wilkinson Sword D Pattern, J.Adams knife with crow's foot and nato stock number dated 1988, and finally a Benchmade 14700

Cooking was done on my Weber Smokey Joe, which meant we could keep the fire burning nice and hot.

A tasty burger :)

Obligatory fire pic:

The Amiable Folding Camping Knife in its element:


New Member
Aug 16, 2005
Phx. Arizona U.S.A
hey steven looks like you guys had fun and ate very well on your bush's great that you've been going to the same spot with your buddys for 18 years,i wish i could say that.. :) .man i have to buckle down and make the time to get my happy butt out in the bush again....i have'nt been out for at least 06months!...i just have to get my pal's together and go.....thanks for the post....vince g. 11b inf.