Base camp kit, Helsport tent, Traveler stove and cookware

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Oct 29, 2009
Lancashire, England
I’m having a clear out of some of my base camp kit. I’m selling as I’m having to switch to a caravan. I'm actually sorry to see it go, but it's just not compatible for the family anymore due to my youngest not being neuro-typical and struggling with aspects of tent camping.

First up is a Helsports Valhal I’ve had this for about 4 years. It's been a brilliant tent for use with the family for a couple of weeks or when I’ve gone away with a group and wanted a base camp to allow for storing extra gear or food prep out of the elements. It's got 6 doors, 2 on each side and one on each end. With it being a helsport tent its fabric is fire retardant and has the flue hole for a stove, which I’ve been using the anevay traveler stove and had some good results with keeping this tent nice and warm all year round. I do have 1 inner tent that I bought for use with my 3 kids while me and the wife slept on camping cots.
The only damage that has happened to the tent was a tear that happened on our first trip out on one of the top panels. It was sent back to Helsport through tamarack and fully repaired, with a patch sewn on inside and out, Otherwise this tent is in excellent condition and is defiantly built to last.
I sadly don't have any pictures of the tent up as I've got no where to put it up and its a big tent I do have pictures of the repair. I've also found some of the videos that Mick at tamarack put up showing his tent. This is one showing the inner tent being put in, This is one of Mick putting up the tent and installing his wood stove (When putting this up I always put in 2 pegs on one end then fitted each pole and just pulled it out to erect the tent starting with pegs on the opposite side as I found this the easiest way of putting the tent up and not letting it get blown around by strong winds), This is a link to helsports page on the tent. I think the original price of this tent with the inner was around £1300 and its been defiantly worth the money
I’d like £650 by bank transfer or cash on collection, for the inner and outer tent. If I remember right it's around 13kg altogether, If the buyer wants to arrange a courier that wont be a problem but it could be expensive.
Price drop £600

Next up is a camp chef outdoor camp oven. This has been a brilliant stove and been used for making all sorts of meals including lasagna. I bought this from Costco for £150 a couple of years ago, This or what seems to be similar versions seeming to be selling for around £200 now. It has served me in many different situation. It comes with the propane regulator that came with it.
I’d like £70 for this by Bank or cash on collection.

I'm also selling my Ronnie Sunshine Cast iron cook set. The set includes Wooden carry box, 4L Dutch oven + lid, Skillet, Grill plate (reversible) -Lid Lifter -Lid/pot stand. I'm looking for £50 for this by Bank or cash on collection. SOLD

Last item I'm selling form this kit is an anevay Traveler stove with metal travel box, This was the earlier design that was a multi fuel stove that burns coal as well as wood, peat etc. This is more inline with their fintan stove that they sell now for £899 for just the stove. I've had some very good use out of it and used it in both the big tents I've owned (Helsport Varanger and Valhall). It puts out a insane amount of heat that has left me sweating even in winter, when opened up full. This is a very reluctant sale and if I had the space and even thought I'd have a use for it for anything else I'd be keeping it, but due to having to switch to a caravan this sadly needs to go. Any time I've been out in my Valhall or the varanger (when I had it), I put this in as it made even summer camping more comfortable when the temperatures dropped when the kids where younger. Here's a review by Nagura that he posted on here in 2014. I'd like £600 for this by bank transfer or cash on collection.
Price drop £550

Can arrange to meet up part way if collecting any of these items.


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Oct 22, 2020
Not sure if ours is Ronnie Sunshine, but we have an identical (or near identical) cast iron set up, wooden box etc. I absolutely love it and would thoroughly recommend to anyone!

Good luck!

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