Article: Casstrom: New Style No 10 Swedish Forest Knife with Combo Sheath and Fire St

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Hi John - we sell these in the gun shop and although it's a good price, I find the handle shape very uncomfortable. I know I'm in the minority as a few have been sold, so it's a very personal thing. Kind regards, Eddie.


Full Member
Dec 1, 2014
Luleå, Sweden
Nice looking knife (the sheath, not so much)

The company is situated in Lycksele, Sweden but that doesn't equates to that they are made in Sweden


Nov 5, 2003
Got one in post today first impression is good sheath is fuctional but a good bushcraft pouch style would be better handle feels good I got big paws and seems to fit fine won't be good at every cutting style will remain to be seen I like it will give it a try out onweekend


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Nov 25, 2005
Greensand Ridge
Someone must have put a great deal of effort into making the handle profile look so god damn awful!

Hopefully its with ergonomics to the fore rather than simply finding an alternative presentation of what is now a very 'tired' and frankly unimaginative blade profile and grind.



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Aug 13, 2007
as opposed to uncomfortable and limited.....each to their own indeed

look good in a draw though....
Feb 18, 2012
Well, I have been looking at the no.10 for a long while and I like it, I tried one that a friend has, I know the handle is a bit marmite, but I would be interested to hear from some one that actually has owned one, and how the blade holds up.


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Jan 1, 2021
Casco, Wisconsin USA
I've owned mine, for about a year, now.
While the handle looks a bit odd, I find it comfortable. Never had a problem with it.
The edge retention is excellent. I use my knife, daily, for food prep, and, on the occasion I manage to get home long enough for some dirt time, it gets used for some bushcrafting. I did add a micro bevel to it,when I first got it. It WILL shave hair, and will give a nasty pressure cut, if you're not paying attention.
I've touched it up, 4, or 5 times, on a ceramic rod. Never needed more than that.

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