Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

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Apr 13, 2008
Vancouver Island, BC.
Definately! I'd kinda like to get together, pool our resources and see if we could find a bit of woodland to use on a regular basis of have regular NW meets etc.

I'm in Blackpool but would travel to a central location for a meet.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 8, 2009
Warrington, UK
I'm just on the southern end of lancs, Birchwood. its undicided whether its cheshire or lancashire but i reckon a meet in lancs should be easy to get to, what do you guys have in mind?


Apr 28, 2010
Blackrod, Bolton
I'm in Blackrod, Well up for this.

I've already posted in the mini meets thread for ideas for locations, I did suggest contacting the Anderton Centre at rivi as they maybe able to provide somewhere (and its close so I can walk the dogs and then sling them in the house!)

But to go a little further north is no problem - could be worth contacting the lancashire scout groups to see if we can use one of there sites - Waddecar in Bowland, Bispham hall, Bowley. Mowbreck near Wesham could be a winner and probably cheap too.


I am also in Wigan and go out camping with a mate of mine who makes long bows. We would both be up for meeting with others in the area.

Preston is a central area in Lancashire and i would suggest that someone from that area takes the plunge and names a date and location. Easy access by motorway.


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