AirArms S410 carbine Bipod

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Jan 10, 2006
Can anyone recommend a bipod for an AirArms S410 carbine, I don’t really want to drill my stock, is this possible?


Celtic Dragon

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Aug 4, 2003
Hatfield, Herts
if you dont want to drill your stock you have 2 options 1 of which wont work.

Option 1, a cheap and nasty clip on plasic bipod that attacheds to the barrel (which in turn flexs the barrel so wont work as it will move the point of impact and lead to a potential bent barrel)

Option 2, a set of shooting sticks as used by deer stalkers. Think of them as long crossed walking sticks lmost like ski poles.

Option 3, a bipod made by bsquare, but requires drilling the stock. Major downside is that the legs aren't s sturdy as they could be (made ofr lightness)

Option 4, and by far the best 1 is a Harris bipod, not cheap and does require dilling the stock. However they are the best there is, short of a pile of sandbags!


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Jun 14, 2004
My rapid 7 is FAC so i have to fill quite often, i did try a bottle clamp for a bipod but it was a pain to remove every time i filled up.
Before i got a suitable QD stud (machine screw type) i just used a small back pack to rest my rifle on for longer shots, better than off hand but not as steady as a bipod.
I'd take the plunge and fit a QD stud to the S410 or have a gunsmith do it if your not confident to do it yourself.
A set of QD studs let you use a sling and a bipod which are very handy for hunting.
If your not hunting then maybe consider using a rifle rest, you can get various rests from cheap nylon bags that you fill with rice up to more expensive adjustable rests with suede bags.

Harris clone on an S410

Rapid on a cheap caldwell bag

You can just make out an adjustable metal rest with a leathr bag under this S410

I have 2 studs up front on this CZ so my sling is further away from the Harris clone.

Genuine Harris on a target stocked Rapid


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Jan 10, 2006
God I love the knowledge on this site thanks everyone. I think I will get one fitted that’s the

best option for me. It’s a lovely gun and I would hate to mess it up.

Just don’t tell the Mrs :)

Ogri the trog

Apr 29, 2005
Mid Wales UK
Theres one other way, cheap as chips and won't damage your stock.
When I started bunny bashing, I used a short-extending fishing rod rest with a moulded rubber "U" on top, just stuck it into the ground - adjusted the length - and waited for Mr Coney!

Good Luck

Ogri the trog


May 10, 2006
I have the S410TDR, it comes pre-fitted with an accessory rail, I don't know whether the carbine is the same, if it is Harris make a plate with a QD stud on it that fits.
I have a Harris on the TDR (and have therefore run out of excuses for inaccuracy).


Still looking for suggestions to fit a sling to the TDR (with Harris). Is it necessary to drill the stock ?
Just wondering why you wanted to fit a sling to a TDR, they aren't heavy like the prosport, bipods I can understand.

The only thing I could suggest is that you use a QD attachment on the front running of the Harris or a second QD plate on the accessory rail and have a loop config that fits around the tube at the rear of the stock.
May 14, 2007
West Yorks
If your gun has a swivel stud, there is an item called the Stoney Point Rapid Pivot which attaches. It's available here, at a huge premium, or at Cabela's. It is clipped on and off, and is well liked by my shooting pals. Hope this helps.