Acrylic Scales, any good?

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Just starting to plan out what to get to use as the scales for my new knife. I have seen some acrylic scales which look rather cool but a bit out there IMHO but i have never handled a knife with acrylic scales so i'm not sure if they would be any good.
An example here
not sure this quite the colours i would go for.

I plan to use my knife when out and about in the woods so I don't want it to be slippy to hold. Maybe I should just stick with wood?


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 18, 2009
Dark side of the Moon
it should be fine, the same as corian or plastercised woods, bone etc.... if your worried it wont be very grippey just dont finish it as much, use a highish grit but dont polish etc...

hope this helps...


Dave Budd

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Jan 8, 2006
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bit fragile for a hard working knife. I've used it on some small kitchen knives with luck and as parts in a stacked handle. The probelms it has are primarily that it chips or cracks if dropped on a hard surface and it doesn't like heat (melts at quite low temperatures). Corian and the like are much tougher compounds

I personaly wouldn't use it on abushy simpley because of the dropping and shock that the handle has to take

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
Stick with wood :) or horn... or bone .... or antler ...
I prefer natural materials when out in a natural environment :D
All the tacky plastics in the world may look good, and some even perform well ... but you cannot beat the feel of natural materials :)

Celtic Dragon

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Aug 4, 2003
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I never found them that much of a problem. I went acrylic as I wanted something to withstand bleach as this si my filleting knife. To shape, it resited my 12" file and my best efforts, so resorted to a demel and 20k rpm! Never even started to melt it.



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Jun 15, 2008
I'm going to grab some for razor scales in the New Year. Might throw some on a knife at some stage just to see how it holds up.