A random, but very pleasant, surprise encounter!

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Oct 27, 2013
Not been on this forum for a while, but used to frequent these parts some years back. The 'gift it on' and any kind of thread about making stuff generally. I even made a Toddy shirt back in the day!

Jump to today and I'm on holiday with my wife and kids, and being a bit of a history nerd we decide to visit an Iron Age fort not far from where we're staying in Pembrokeshire. Having a grand old time, enjoying the demonstrations, learning about Boudicca and the Romans etc.... the final demo being about fire starting. After a couple of minutes I'm thinking 'I'm sure I recognise that guy...I think it's a fella that I used to see on BCUK...'

The demo was exceptional, according to my friends and kids who were with us it was entertaining, informative, engaging, just brilliant. (I took their word for it as I unfortunately had to take our youngest on a trip to the loo for most of it!)
Anyway, after wards I got into a brief conversation with said demonstrator and sure enough it was none other than the one and only John Fenna of this parish!!

He was a proper gent, super friendly and deffo needs his own TV show!

If anyone needs a day out in Pembrokeshire, I'd definitely recommend Castell Henllys. Lovely place.


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