A Quick 'Hello'

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Dec 6, 2013
Hello everyone, the name is John and I am 55 years old. I have been looking at the site for quite a while as a guest and thought it about time I actually joined (at least now I should hopefully be able to see some of the pictures as well as read the threads). I have been lucky enough to live for the past 50 years in an area where I can look over my back hedge and see just the one farm house between myself and the Lincolnshire Wolds (about 10 miles away) so I have pretty much grown up playing in the mud and dirt, climbing trees and watching the wildlife and though I had never really thought about it I guess I have grown up learning and doing ‘bushcrafty’ things, if the zombie population in Grimsby which is the nearest town did ever spill over into my area I like to think I could at least climb over the back hedge and find enough food and shelter to survive for a while and even have fun doing it. I’ll leave the introduction at that and hopefully get to ‘meet’ a few of you in time when and if I am able to input anything into the various threads.