A new school ?

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Jan 10, 2004
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Regarding the basha, I would have to say that of all the rigged tarp shelters I've seen on here and around the various Bushcraft sites, it bears the closest resemblance to the way I was taught to rig one.

That's not to say it's good, it's just...ummm... more tactically sound (low profile) than most. Perhaps a little bit of "hangover" from the instructors days "in". Counter surveillance isn't generally an important consideration for the bushcrafter.


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Sep 3, 2003
I agree - seems like a pretty standard tactical way to put them up. Low profile bashas are really nice in high wind situations. Not the way you see in books often but then it's for a particular purpose.


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Nov 10, 2004
Horses for course again lads....

Just not a usual bushcraft style IMO.... works fine in OPs etc but unless you're where you shouldn't be why would you need to hide....(oh, I shouldn't have said that...you're all going to tell me about animal hides ect now aren't you).

I was talking more about the fact that is appears (in the photo anyway) to drop down on all four sides....so you get run off on all four sides....not my idea of fun. Might just be the photo but it looks odd. There's two perfectly good looking trees in the back ground for a low lean-to.

I too like my lean-to very low while I'm sleeping but then I raise it in the morning to pack under it and cook under it and so on in the rain....joys of bungee's but that's another discussion :eek:):


I think part of it is old habits.

People like me and Gary etc., still use a certain amount of military kit as we're used to it and know ist good hardwearing stuff as we used it in the services. Likewise as the guy is ex-forces, he probably did it that way all the time he was in and just doesn't consciously think to do it another way...

I still wear my watch on the inside of my right wrist as that was the way I was told to wear it in marksman training...


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Dec 7, 2003
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I prefer to pitch my tarps low. I like that more enclosed feeling and i also enjoy going about without drawing attention to myself.
although i maybe one of the few on here thats not too keen on tarps.


Jan 5, 2005
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one thing about cadets,

my experince of cadets camping a long and very funny one because the NCO's at my (ATC) squadron no one really has any clue about tents/ camping that is encluding NCO's. so the NCO's are running around like headless chickhens trying to pretend they have any idea of how to put up a tent. it's great!
for example one camp we did the cadet were sleeping in a 12x12 tent which they had to put up themselves. i think that they finally managed to get 2 12x12 tents up in an 1 1/2 hours with 15 cadets and two NCO's directing. terrible! the worst part is i am the senior NCO, and had to explain to my CO why it took an 1 1/2 hour! eek! the shame! i came away very red faced! it can take three poeple to put it up in 10 minutes.

thankfully they have moved on to basha's yet! heeheehee!!


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Jul 26, 2004
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As long as you remember when pitching your tarp theres no one looking to find and shoot you and you need to administer yourself under it and maby cook your grub on a stove if slashing it down :wink: i love the sound of the rain tapping away on my basha while im under it having a bru, :biggthump ive pitched my tarp like this when weather has been at its worst, but sorting your self out under it is a little difficult......


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Nov 10, 2004
chris said:
What ever happened to the topic of the thread :?:

Lol....yer sorry Chris....did get a little hijacked there didn't it!!!!! It's just that basha's and sleeping arrangementas are fairly fundermental in "sleeping out" and we all like to have a good natured squabble about how we prefer to do it "our way" whenever we get the chance.....

Hardly fair (and I'm 100% sure nobody was) to judge this chap's school on the strength of one blooming photo!!!! Crikey....I could be strung up if that's all it took! :yikes:


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Feb 25, 2004
No worries mate,

I personally don't know the guy, I 'm just allways looking over the web for new things etc, and this popped up. Wondered if anyone had been there or knows em.

Good luck to em :pack: