A little walk around Murlough nature reserve (pic heavy)

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Thought i would put up a few pictures of a recent dander arount Murlough nature reserve. This has got to be one of my favourite places to go because it has a bit of everything in it and honestly the following pictures don't really do the place justice.

The start of the trail we were following

If you look closely you can see the reason D.J was going mad. The place is full of them. Next pictures i take ill get some of the rabbit holes scattred about everywhere.

Picture of one of the tallest sand dunes there and also of the beach from the top of it.

D.J loved the beach, however SWMBO wasnt to happy at having to bath him HAHAHA

And unfortunately like everywhere it seems to be. Evidence of something i HATE seeing when i'm out :mad:

Thanks for looking, i hope to get more as this was only a small part of the reserve.
Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Since fewer people hunt these days, and I'm as guilty as the next, we have a lot more rabbits now. I've already got my hunting license for this year so I plan to have a few this year. I live in a temperate rain forest where nature quickly reclaims all spaces, so a few bits of burned wood in an open area never bothers me, it just lets me know I'm closer to people's haunts than I want to be. However as for the garbage, that always ticks me off. I never understand the inability to carry out the empties when they obviously had the strength to carry in the full packages or bottles of whatever.

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