Trip Report A few days in Scotland

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Jun 18, 2008
Off the beaten track
Well, with fatherhood imminent I managed to persuade my wife to allow me one last taste of freedom. We agreed that Galloway was close enough that I could get back if anything happened (it didn’t) and I decided to have 2 nights on Loch Ken. :beerchug:

I arrived late afternoon after getting held up on the motorway and unloaded the car at Loch Ken activity centre. For a small fee they would allow me to park and launch at their jetty. It was quite flooded so launching was even easier and being as the nights are drawing in I thought the main priority should be finding a suitable camp spot.

I set the tent up just as the dark came so the first night was spent mostly reading from the comfort of my sleeping bag. Next morning I packed the canoe and just had a general explore around, stopping for lunch on one of the islands. I was amazed how much the water dropped over night and through the day, making finding a camp site a lot easier.

The final morning was an early strike of camp and pretty much straight back to the car, as I had planned a trip to the Annandale distillery on my way back home. Those of you that know me know how much I enjoy a single malt, and though the Annandale is still very young I very much enjoyed their expressions.

I’m pretty terrible at remembering to take pictures, but here are a few that I did get of a glass calm Loch and of course, lunch. :cool3:



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Nov 6, 2008
Whats wrong with MMmmmmmmmmmatesons?!?!?!

Its meat.

Sort of.

I mean, its ALL sorts of meat , and other things.. but its... its.....

Its got a very very good shelf life..


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Nov 17, 2016
East Kilbride
Love Galloway Forest Park, it's my favourite place in the whole county to go out to play.

The thing I love the most is that there's terrain to suit my every need....forests for bushcrafting, mountains and hills for hillwalking and wildcamping, miles of track for hiking, lochs for canoeing and fishing, dark skies for astrophotography....and it's all just about on my doorstep love living in Scotland.

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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
FerlasDave: Thanks for the pictures. I always enjoy seeing what other people see on their trips.

Fatherhood was a treat, I never felt particularly inhibited. We alternated morning feeding stuff. I can function on autopilot at any time of the night so much of that was my part and work all day.

Lie on your back on the bed. Place the newborn on your chest with their head under your chin. That's about all it takes until they get this dreamy far away look on their face and drop another dump-load. Barfing inside your collar when you "burp" them is another surprise treat.

I wish you guys all the best. A family is a cozy thing.
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