5 Items Or Less.....

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Jan 18, 2009
Dark side of the Moon
This is going to be the first ( i hope ) of meany threads based on very minimal kit, this means relying on your nogin a bit..... Man of tanith and Dave Bromleys did a fifteen or less challenge, this is where the idea came from so based on this me and Stu (Raikey) said we would give this a go....

Basically take 5 or less items out for 1 night or more and the best entry wins! simple eh

However we have been discussing this and have come up with some rules/saftey ideas and so on as to how we will choose the winner from an open pole.

1) First Aid Kit and mobile phone are free bleeding out or being desperately in need of rescue isnt good and to do so for bragging rights is silly.

2) As for clothing imagine what you would wear on a cold day going on a 1 day walk so hat gloves good base mid a bit of warm kit (softey / snugpack etc etc ) waterproof layers pants and boots/socks anything over and above is included in the 5, also a daysack may be used but not counted, this is to hide sharps like axe knife etc.

3) The best 5 entrants will be picked by Myself and Stu and then put up in a poll, the winner will get the prize TBC (probably a blade if over 18 that is :) ).

4) Entrants would be picked on the basis of most done with least kit, ingenuity and sense of adventure.

5) The time limit will be untill the end of September to allow everyone time to get out and give it a go

6) Once the entrants have been picked the vote will go on for a week

7) Proof WE need a picture of all kit laid out and a write up of the load out. extra pictures of items in use will earn extra points camera is also a free item based on this rule

8) Entrants need to stay out for 1 night at least longer trips with minimal kit could gain extra points

9) Anyone using natural shelters and generally sourcing materials i.e cordage etc would get more points

10) If you're a smoker you are not allowed smokes and so on, they must be counted

11) Food is to be counted, water is FREE food per item so sauages is 1 item, bacon would then be 2 items and so on

12)multiple entries are permitted and encouraged

13) Have Fun but first and for most BE SAFE....Leave contact details and exact locations of where you are and for how long, the last thing we want is for someone to get hurt or worse.....

please post interest in this thread and also your trip photo's and write ups in here too
this will make it easier for myself and Stu to find it all when it is decision time.

hopefully you will all embrace this as the bit of a laugh it is intended to be

looking forward to seeing submissions.

my first trip is 10th of june, just a quick over night to test my gear and set up, 3 days and 2 nights will follow if i can get the time off...;)

have fun be safe and i look forward to the results....

Chris and Stu....

And the winner will get this....
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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 18, 2009
Dark side of the Moon
i think i have my list to 4 things, its really hard though, you just need to go for it and see what happens, the wort that could happen is you get cold and a bit wet....

depends where your planning your trip though, the open areas on Brecon for eg would just be silly to try this, so common sence goes with this 1.....:)

my list of kit is:-

water bottle( full ) x1 army issue
axe x1 GB SFA
tin of food with ring pull lid (contents TBC)
bow drill kit x1 set, might change it for fire steel though

what do you think mate??????


Jun 10, 2006
south wales
When you leave home and walk to the shops you should be in clothing that will keep you dry and warm and adjusted to the season, so really for an overnight trip you could rely on a £1 'Survival poly bag' and a bottle of full sugar Pepsi, two items. Homeless folk often use pretty much just this, clothes on their backs and some form of insulation whether it be poly shopping bags or boxes etc. The whole concept of a 5-10-15 item challenge is flawed because a one or two night trip is very rarely a true reflection of survival; in reality its a bit of fun but nothing wrong in that. In real life and for the majority of the year you could kip in your garden or out in the 'Bush' with little or nothing more than the clothes on your back.

The real question for me would be "What 'x amount' of items will make me more comfy for a night or two bar what I'm wearing".


Nov 16, 2009
South Wales
Im interested, really enjoyed the last comp on here and learnt alot:D

Will take more than 2 items this time thought i think :p


Dec 15, 2005
I think water should be a freebie Chris as some folk have access to good potable water where as others have nothing and need to carry in, what do you reckon ?