For Sale 3 x Custom made knive bundle £69 PRICE DROP

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Nov 21, 2016
wales, uk
All made by me when i was knife making a couple of years back.

Top one is 21cm, 154CM stainless polished with Hollow grind with swedge on top, stabalized Wenge handle and fully stainless loveless bolts. Heat treated by Shing.

Middle one is 21cm, 154CM bead blased, Hollow grind, with Zebrawood, heat treated by Shing. Polished edge.

Bottom one is 16cm, D2 steel with Toxic Green / Black G10 on one side and Orange / Black G10 on the other side, fully stainless Loveless bolts, heat treated by Shing.

NOW £69 for all 3 ( the materials and heat treating cost more than that much )





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