1000th post

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Jan 28, 2009
Hi folks,

Well here it is my 1000th post

I want to say that BCUK has to be the best forum and the best community I have found on the net. After 5 years ( lurker for 1) of viewing threads, chatting and pm's it certainly feels like a virtual home :) .

A big thanks have to go to Tony, Shelly, and the Mod team. I know from experience the work involved in keeping a forum going and making sure it is a friendly and safe place for everybody. You guys do a fantastic job, :thankyou:.

For everybody else as well. The generosity I have seen here and the willingness to help others is truly heartening.

I have gained so much knowledge from you all and have been able to develop many skills and pass it on to others, you folks are an inspiration and have my gratitude. So a big thanks to everybody who takes the time to post. :You_Rock_

Also I have been very fortunate to make many friends here, those who I have only spoke to over the forum and have yet to meet as well as those who I have met in person. The decision to arrange and sort out the very first N.E.S meet was the right one as know we are on our 7th and they have allowed many people of like minds to come together and enjoy a few days of being out in the woods doing something they love.

Here's to many many more years :beerchug:

I will sort out a comp sometime soon ( I have to find a certain item to put up as a prize). So keep your eyes peeled.

All the very best



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Jul 28, 2011
Oi Oi! Well done CBJ, another member of the 1000 mile high club! Took you a bit longer than me, but i talk too much anyway.

+2 to your comments, and when you have sorted a prize for your comp, send me a pm with the answer, cheers.




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Jan 31, 2005
Well done loon, fit ye feel like no yiv reached it eh? Nice heartfelt post there, looking forward to the next 1000.
ATB, Colin.