1-3 month Bushcraft/Green Woodworking 'retreat'?

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Dec 8, 2010
This may be an unorthodox post, but I thought it may give me some interesting leads.

I can get into details at a later date, and if there are any responses. Basically I am seeking a 1-3 month 'retreat' where I can work in return for food/accommodation (and perhaps training of some sort)...part of the place I am looking for is a place where I might get some erm, spiritual and emotional support/guidance to help me 'sort my life out'. I'm not religeous, so religeous retreats are not on the cards, per se. But I suppose places who offer retreats are often religeous, so I'm open to suggestion.
I don't have a passport, don't have a car and I have very little money but I am resourceful, hard working, personable, flexible and fit. I think anywhere in the UK would be suitable; no matter how attractive international opportunities are, this is something (regarding skill sets) that would be suited to the UK best.

I would dearly love to gain more knowledge on green-woodworking (anything from spoons to greenwood framed buildings) and bushcraft (everything from scouting to full on wilderness) etc. So If I can work the green woodworking/bushcraft in with the retreat then that would be ideal.

A breif outline of my skills: 11 years self-employed formal gardening large properties (everything from nursery to woodlands), basic wild food & fungi knowledge, outlined joinery, carpentry & decorating experience. I have lots of other experience and skill sets that may well transfer easily. More details on request.

I do have posts on http://www.diggersanddreamers.org.uk but I am not registered on WWOOF due to being unable to afford the signup fee. I also have had a good search for similar websites, which are turning up a few possibilities, but in posting here, I hope to broaden my scope and find places that are not on the various websites like WWOOF, D&D and others.

If there is anyone reading this that may want to give advice, suggest places/people, or even just join in the chat, then you're all welcome to comment.