£ Shop lighters


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Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
Just thought people might like to see what work colleague of mine picked this up for me the other day from his local pound shop....

Looks like a pretty normal lighter but at the bottom of it you have this:

A pretty bright LED light and the bonus is the lighter is refillable as well. It's switched on by a sliding switch rather than a push button one so no worries about it switching on and off in your pocket. It can be touched so it comes on or slid and locked in place so you can leave it if you need both hands to do womething whilst it''s shining on your work area. Price...... 5 for a Pound!!!!!!! What a bargain.


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Nov 10, 2003
i've been using one of those on and off for years, my brother gets them from the tool guy at his work, freebies. according to my brother and most of my family and friends i have "a problem" when it comes to torches and lighters. hence the gift of a torch/lighter combination accompanied by much mirth and merriment. little brother's, who'd want one. anyway, for a cheap lighter they're not bad at all, don't hold a great deal of gas tho. the torch is pretty good really, ideal for finding the key hole.
be aware of the fact that your friends will steal it when they see you using it in the pub!