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  1. forestwalker

    Knots on zipper pulls

    The standard ones that most appear to use is just two overhand knots, but one can get more creative: The inner one is a knife lanyard knot, the outer one is the double knife lanyard knot (Ashely 787 and 788). What other nice knots do people use on their zipper pulls?
  2. TheBrook

    Instant Release Paracord Handle

    Good Evening One and All, I've got something fun for you to try this weekend. If you want a lot of paracord to use and want to integrate it into your belongings, this is THE method to do it: This is something I've been using for over a year...
  3. TheBrook

    Having the Right Knowledge

    Hello everyone on the Bushcraft UK Forum, I hope that you are all well and that the weather isn't restricting your outdoor activities too much? While away with my profession I was not able to take my everyday carry items (such as a knife and fire lighting equipment) this led to a little...
  4. TheBrook

    Quick Release Paracord

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are well? Here is a very fast and yet reliable way to carry paracord that deploys in just seconds...and we all love paracord...don't deny it :D Let me know if anything was unclear or if it actually made sense :-) Cheers, Brook
  5. TheBrook

    Paracord Lighter Wrap (Quick Release)

    Hey Everyone, Hope you are doing well and that all is happy for you and yours. A great way to carry a reasonable amount of paracord, be able to hang/wear your lighter, have better grip and protect it from damage: Paracord Lighter Wrap (Quick Release) -
  6. WeeWildyCamper

    Paracord Lanyard

    Made this for my ex's son for his dog whistle - he's a keen dog trainer...odd combination of colours but was at his request as he's a Saints (St Johnstone) fan :)
  7. crowded-solitude

    First go at a dog collar.

    Finnished myfirst dog collar the other day, I have to say im quite chuffed that it came out ok.
  8. Fatbob

    Paracord Madness!

    Hi all, being a bit bored recently I've been trying my hand at paracord projects, here is the result of a few hours playing, it is VERY Adictive! I've done two types of bracelet Chinese button knot fastening and survival whistle clasp, monkey fists with steel ball bearings and different lanyards.
  9. Totumpole

    Millbank Bags & Paracord on ebay

    I was perusing e-bay and have noticed some Millbank bags have become available again at a reasonable price. Only 4 available at the time of posting. I know it took me ages to find one "buy it now" for a reasonable price, so I thought I would share the opportunity with others...
  10. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    hammock for a fat bloke......

    What is the strongest hammock available and where can I find one????? I'm a big fella and don't want a catastrophic failure in the middle of the night. I'm tired of sleeping on the ground. Am I just worrying for nothing? I assume it's 550 Paracord or stronger for rigging eh?
  11. M

    Is this 550 paracord or a knock off?

    Is this real 550 paracord? it has seven strands but the strands are not white them are green and very thin, i bought it from a place called nomads travel, also please could you tell me how to post a picture because i dont know how :(