fire steel

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  1. B

    CHEAP! Fire Steels

    Morning all, There are LOTS of cheap fire steels on Amazon at the moment. Has anyone been using them? How do they compare to the normal £10 - £15 steels? Can there really be that much difference between them? We get through lots of steels a year and would like to make some savings...
  2. resnikov

    Fire steel prize from munkiboi182

    Got home from work yesterday and there was a package waiting for me on the doormat. I opened it and inside was a handmade little pouch. Then I looked in side the pouch and found my new fire steel. And then I looked again in side the pouch and found all this! A big thank you to...
  3. bradleybuckman

    Leather Stacked Fire Steel

    I've seen several examples of leather stacked fire steels and knives across the internet that people had made, and had been thinking of trying it out for myself. This was my first experience working with stacked leather, so I wasn't too sure how successful that I would be. There are still a few...
  4. bradleybuckman

    Deer Antler Fire Steels

    I was sitting around last night with a little time on my hands and wanting to do something more productive than watch TV. I had some extra fire steels and several deer antlers, so, I decided to make up a few fire steels using the deer antlers as the handles. Most of them are 5/16" x 3", with...
  5. Rob

    EXOTAC fireROD

    We have just uploaded the listings of the new EXOTAC fireROD and the two length options of refills to the online store. These are EXOTAC's offering for those who want to carry their firesteel in the ferro rod loop of a knife sheath and come with an o-ring sealed waterproof compartment in the...
  6. Rob

    EXOTAC polySTRIKER XL Review

    In case you missed it - John Fenna has posted a review of the EXOTAC polySTRIKER XL here: We love these. The best fire rod / fire steel type tool that we have come across. Designed well, great quality of spark and very...
  7. bushcraftmyway

    fire making... my way!

    firemaking is, imo, the most important bushcraft skill to master... and the most difficult to really understand, because it needs A LOT of practice, and you don't even make fire every time you are outdoors. it doesn't matter how many times you read about making fire, you simply got to make it...
  8. spader

    FS: Spyderco, Laplander,SAK,Felco,Fire Steel,Various Blades etc Surplus clear out

    Hi All More surplus stuff I got out for sale. Prices include UK delivery. Payment via PAYPAL. 18 or over please. 1. Laplander Gardening Saw with a NEW spare blade. Saw is lightly used (3 or 4 times). I have a Felco Saw, so this one is for sale. £17 ==> SOLD 2. Felco 5 Garden Secateurs...
  9. S

    FS - Flint & Steel Stiker, including 'Dragon' profile.

    It's been a while since I last forged a few strikers, so here's my newest batch of strikers made from the best source of high carbon steel available :) These strikers send off a flurry of sparks against a sharp flint, and are quite probably the best batch I have made for the purpose. A light...
  10. R

    Fire making in less than ideal conditions

    Most of the fire making films and demonstrations I have seen have been in ideal conditions, calm, no rain etc. The real test of skill is to be able to strike a fire by whatever means necessary in less than ideal conditions. Im talking about a spectrum of conditions from light rain to stormy...
  11. G

    Firesteel Modification

    Firesteel Modification