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    Little owl

    Lovely :)
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    Chernobyl (HBO mini-series)

    Just want to add that I am loving this too - best thing I have watched in many years.
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    Secret bushcraft shelter

    Some buddies and I made something remarkably similar as a kid and it worked really well as a den :)
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    What equipment should I buy? Tarp & Bivvy?

    Interesting article thanks. Also nothing like Ron Turnbull for inspiring you to get out there - have read that book so many times now... As for recommendations I use an Alpkit Hunka mentioned in the guide and love it. DD Hammocks basic but great 3x3 tarp and a Klymit sleeping mat. The latter...
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    Olight S1R Baton II Review

    Enjoyable & comprehensive review thank you :) I am impressed with it - tell Olight it may have led to at least one purchase. Who knows they may send you more stuff...
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    Instrumental Music

    First heard via KLF "Chill Out" I sought out so many tracks from that album. Wonderful piece of music thanks for sharing :)
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    Carbolic soap it still made or what soaps do you recommend?

    My favourite has always been (genuine) African Black Soap but used on the face after a cold windswept day day out and it has dried my skin to the point that it peels off and I look like a plague victim zombie. Not exactly selling it am I... This is worth mentioning as sometimes it is advertised...
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    Discussion about locations of Moots (Winter Moot February 18-24th 2019)

    I second that! I don't have a car and live on the coast in the middle of nowhere (well Scarborough sure feels like that) - I suspect it would be easier to get to the moon than the current Moot sites! And whilst I am in a ranting mood the North Woods should be renamed as it contravenes the trade...
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    thermorest Neo air

    Also had mine 4 years or so - look after it and it will be fine
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    Insulated jacket recommendations?

    Off topic however thanks for the recommendation - just ordered some trousers
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    North Wood Bluebell Meet 27~29 April 2018... Pictures

    Looks like great fun in a beautiful location :)
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    Give me your fiction book recommendations

    Oh yeah :)
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    Camp Staithes

    Ha actually I think I was involved with the cooking *hangs head in shame*
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    Camp Staithes

    I quite possibly did.... pretty local and it rings a bell! All I remember was it was the first time I stayed anywhere apart from my parents & I tried pizza for the first time (frozen and nasty) which was consumed with baked beans (???)
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    Trip Report Lavvu over nighter

    Great clip - thanks for uploading
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    New Ventile coat. Opinions wanted

    That will be a great jacket :)
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    Hello from Hull!

    Welcome from someone else just up the coast :)
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    Veggie Curry Boil in the Bag Sale!!!

    Interesting - thank you :)
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    Bread Maker

    Bread making is high on my to do list after visiting bakers & trying a few "artisan" breads. My only worry is those extra couple of inches mentioned...