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    @fenix The courses that they run in this bakery might be of interest?
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    Slow cooker.

    Been using a slow cooker for 20+ years. For me living alone, and doing a demanding job its invaluable. I can use it to batch cook at weekends or put ingredients in before going to work and come home to a nutritious meal. Pressure cookers are good too for speedy meals when at home. Nothing to be...
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    Had a pair of these for 3+ years - before I was a dedicated Le Chameau user - used for dog walking several times per week (5+) in all weathers/seasons. Soles great, very comfy, bramble resistant, benefit from good sock as per previous comments. Will definitely be buying more when they wear out...
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    Cheap Compact waterproof camera?

    Had a fuji XP80 - it was ok, but much prefer the Panasonic FT range. Ultimately its down to what feels right for you, but the macro zoom and the "starry sky" (for long exposure on anything) swung it for me. Get all my cameras from ebay - never had any probs
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    Blood pressure monitors

    Seems that this thread is raising a lot of BP........ Lets face it, everything evolves, including a lot medical equipment. The old fashioned sphigs may (or may not) be the Rolls Royce of blood pressure measuring. The vast majority of of medical or nursing staff have no idea of how to use them...
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    Savlon vs Germolene vs Neosporin vs Chloramphenicol

    I use neat tea-tree oil. Is a very effective anti-bacterial + anti-fungal. Also very good at stopping itching from bites. During WW2 it used to be issued to Aussie troops in Buma/Far East to combat jungle sores.
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    Blood pressure monitors

    Been using the Lloyds Pharmacy one for a few years - works well, seems reasonably accurate. Batteries last for ages. Think Boots might do one too.
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    Your picture of the day...

    Great images
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    Bunkers - your very own...

    Not sure how much fun bunkers might be in reality............
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    Autumnal Story

    Good story - thanks for sharing
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    20 year old car? Not interested then why a campervan?

    You might want to have a look at Poplar Motors in Chesterfield......they import Japanese camper vans
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    Fjallraven hat

    Is it the Sörmland Felt Hat?
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    Bargain cameras - need to get better photographs on a budget

    Hi, Check out the Panasonic Lumix TZ 60, 80 or 100. Leica lens, plenty of zoom, good image quality, full manual control. Refurbished ones are available on ebay eg...
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    Catapult Ammo

    8mm or 10mm (internal diameter) hex nuts
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    06 Suzuki Jimny alternator belt tensioner.

    Tried the Jimny foums? There are a few.......heres a UK one-
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    Cooking out with the firedragon

    Cheers fellas
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    Cooking out with the firedragon

    As its alcohol based, do you think that keeping the tabs or gel warm in cold weather (like you'd do with meths) would make any difference?
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    Small scissors/snips

    Seen these? Great package for the price - won't rival Leatherman or Victorinox as a multi-tool, but the scissors are amazing. Had one for a few years + really rate it.
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    small folding knives what are my options

    @Samon...........not a fan eh ? lol I have a couple of Sheffield folders that I'm very happy with and meet my needs. Everyone has their likes + preferences.
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    small folding knives what are my options

    Do any of the traditional Sheffield makers meet your needs?