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    How long does water stay 'fresh' in the bottle?

    I Know it's not quite relevant to the topic but its a good poem anyway 'E would dot an' carry one Till the longest day was done; An' 'e didn't seem to know the use o' fear. If we charged or broke or cut, You could bet your bloomin' nut, 'E'd be waitin' fifty paces right flank rear...

    Razor Clams

    I went to Southport recently and whilst walking along the pier with the kids there seemed to be hundreds of razor shells over the beach. Has anyone any experience of collecting them there ?

    Waterstone and Leather Strop Field Sharpening kits - Feb 2011

    Got mine through yesterday, excellent work thanks again

    "The Man Who Eats Badgers"

    Badgers are a member of the pig family and as bushwacker says badger hams were an often used food in years gone by. I'd be very hesitant to try it nowadays because the TB issues.

    Shotgun help!

    I had a Winchester sbs like this for a few years, it's a single trigger, lovely gun and kept it's value I bought it for £500 and sold it for the same about 5 years later, the only reason for selling it was I never really took to a sbs...

    swanndri bush shirt advise

    I've also got the zip up version as I get quite warm when walking and an over head gets too hot for me. Excellent coat for stalking rabbits as they are totally silent and don't rustle or 'swish' as Gortex and other fabrics. I'd recommend them the only advice is think how much ventilation you...

    Legal Traps?

    An Uncle of mine used to trap pheasants on his small holding that strayed from a neighbouring estate in a trap like the second in this video, perfectly legal as it is live catch and non target species are easily released unharmed. I'm sure it could be adapted for rabbits with the right bait, it...

    Fox Shoots Hunter

    Unless it was this fella

    Fox Shoots Hunter

    It's probably more likely that the jolt of him hitting the butt on the fox has caused the rifle to go off, than charlie reaching a paw out to the trigger
  10. SMOKOE

    What's your favourite trick, cheat or adaptation?

    Get a kids crab line next time you're at the seaside, and you've got roughly 25 Yd's of extremely strong but thin twine for a quid or so. Re-wind it onto a pencil or short stick, takes up no space and comes in very handy for no end of uses.
  11. SMOKOE

    Into the wild and Far north on Ch4 tonight

    This is really uncanny, i've just watched Into The Wild for the first time this afternoon on a dvd i bought a few weeks ago. A very moving film, I won't say any more so as not to spoil it for folks, Must get the book.
  12. SMOKOE

    Woodburning Stove Wanted. Tentipi Eldfell or equivalent.

    Hi Rik Where are you getting the stove jack from, I'm after a 6" oval one for my 3 Dog stove to fit in a Tundra Tipi, but very few US site I've been on seem to export, I've found a round one but not oval. Does the one you've ordered come with a rain flap or not Thanks for any help.
  13. SMOKOE

    SS Swedish Army Trangia, night vision monocular, candle lantern

    Hi Ratbag Is the NV sold yet ? If not what sort of range has it got Cheers
  14. SMOKOE

    How many people hold a CRB?

    I had to have one to be secretary for my son's Lads n Dads team, the manager is in the police force and held two CRB's already but had to have a third for the football team that his son plays in also. Good things but surely thats OTT
  15. SMOKOE

    Advice for cutting round nails

    If you gripped one arm of the bolt croppers in a vice you could opperate them single handedly like a guillotine using one hand to chop whilst the other holds the nail. You'd soon rattle through them and judging the length of cut would soon come.
  16. SMOKOE

    Scotch Eyed Auger

    We just need someone to make us a nice leather sheath now ;) Hint Hint to all the skilled leather workers out there :D
  17. SMOKOE

    Scotch Eyed Auger

    Just a heads up, I got an auger today from here 3 quid + 2:40 postage; 1" x 10"; Brand new; delivered in 2 days; still in the protective wax. It's nice and sharp and cut's well. It looks like...
  18. SMOKOE

    Kelly Kettles Flooded Stock

    Could I have a 1.75 pt Kettle please Pm Inbound Thanks