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  1. ReamviThantos

    forged buffalo handled knife

    What a beauty. Unfortunately I'm fully equipped currently.
  2. ReamviThantos

    Copper and Silver - Long term water disinfection

    Will read up on this, thank you for this post.
  3. ReamviThantos

    My traditional kit: canvas and leather!

    Appreciate the further photos Cameron. I would imagine it is rather rare for someone so young to have the sort of dedication you obviously have. Very glad you have shared. Continue to have the utmost enjoyment of the outdoors, a new Ray Mears in the offing I believe.
  4. ReamviThantos

    THIS is bushcraft!

    Fantastic piece of work, having for many years a large double laurel hedge to keep in check I know how much work must have gone into this. Top man.
  5. ReamviThantos

    Suffolk Bushcraft Group Daniel Boone Challenge 23rd May to 26th May 2014

    Very sorry to hear of your loss Colin, a very sad piece of news. Wishing you and the family all the best at this time.
  6. ReamviThantos

    My traditional kit: canvas and leather!

    Fantastic set of gear, very well chosen. You have almost piqued my interest in the Daniel Boone style kit. Very tactile, functional and gorgeous to observe. Congratulations on your fine collection.
  7. ReamviThantos

    How the Wild West was won with Ray Mears

    Just watched and I absolutely loved it. Have grown to love Ray's laid back style of presentation. Beautifully filmed and incredibly interesting regardless of knowing the subject material well. Very much looking forward to the remaining episodes and the book.
  8. ReamviThantos

    The Island With Bear Grylls

    Good second episode. Enjoyed it. I'd like to see the next series set in UK woodland, that would be fun.
  9. ReamviThantos

    Bear island

    Lol yes you've missed something. Good one :-)
  10. ReamviThantos

    The Island With Bear Grylls

    I noticed in the end credits someone listed as chief coconut hider, so presumably the idea is to find out if they have some imagination as opposed to giving up at the first hurdle. Plus it would be a very short programme if they all die within a week. Still I do think you would quickly see some...
  11. ReamviThantos

    The Island With Bear Grylls

    On the bow drill video at 39 seconds, the german commentator says he's s**t at fire making, how rude. Ps I believe Ran Fiens got kicked out of the SAS for pinching the explosives and detonators and not for the act of blowing up the Dr. Dolittle set which was considered a fair enough act. :-)
  12. ReamviThantos

    Happy Beltane

    Happy Beltane one and all.
  13. ReamviThantos

    The Island With Bear Grylls

    Thanks for the heads up on this one. it looks very interesting so I shall give it a hopeful watch.
  14. ReamviThantos

    Hello from Chris Caine Survival in Hampshire

    Down with that sort of thing. :-)
  15. ReamviThantos

    Two Girls on an icy alpine bushcraft SUP/Kayak overnighter

    Great video, really enjoyable. Loved the top tips and the views which were gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
  16. ReamviThantos

    Word association game

  17. ReamviThantos

    Thai ready meals

    Pad Thai is easy enough to concoct using tried ingredients obtained from a Chinese supermarket. I love pad Thai too :-)
  18. ReamviThantos

    Orkney - Photographs from early in the twentieth century.

    Absolutely fantastic photos, very grateful to have them shared. I recently went to Whitby and was amazed in the local shops of old photos of the fishing folks and there clothing and kit. How did you end up in Hungary then, I'm interested :-)