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  1. wattsy

    Weihrauch HW98 .177

    now sold thanks
  2. wattsy

    Weihrauch HW98 .177

    Last price drop before it gets advertised elsewhere £200 absolute steal for a rifle of this quality
  3. wattsy

    Weihrauch HW98 .177

    I'll even bring it to you :D
  4. wattsy

    Weihrauch HW98 .177

    try a price drop now £225
  5. wattsy

    Weihrauch HW98 .177

    Need to raise funds for a new spotting scope and unfortunately I'm not getting time to shoot any more so this has to go. Sort of a cross between a target rifle and a sporting rifle, typical Weihrauch quality and has the excellent Rekord trigger. Has the usual bumps and scrapes the worst is in...
  6. wattsy

    sharpening augers

    is there an existing bevel on the horizontal cutters? it looks like you've sharpened the bottom of them when there's usually a bevel on the top
  7. wattsy

    Swap my air arms s400

    got a hw98 in .177 if your interested has an illuminated reticle scope (I think a Hawke one but I'll double check when i get in)
  8. wattsy

    my big mouth again......

    they made bow staves from the trunks not the branches, branches are always curved
  9. wattsy

    Anyone got a link for vikings season 3?
  10. wattsy

    A big knife swap for a woodlore

    items are worth as much as people are willing to pay for them, if the timber merchant can sell a piece of wood for £200 why would he sell it to your mate for a tenner?
  11. wattsy

    few bits

    bump open to offers
  12. wattsy

    few bits

    apologies for the poor photos photobucket is messing around and these were all I could upload first up bowl adze I had forged by a blacksmith in Canada, never been used haven't had time to put a handle on it even. £65 Kent pattern axe quite a big un, I can't make out any marks on it altoid...
  13. wattsy

    Recommend a carving glove !

    you don't need one get some zinc oxide tape for the most vulnerable bits, the most important thing is to keep thinking 'if this knife slips, where is it going to end up' and adjust accordingly
  14. wattsy

    An oak variant?

    looks like oak to me that looks like a gall rather than fruit
  15. wattsy

    Big Flecktarn Coats from Germany

    i'd be interested i'll get back to you with sizes
  16. wattsy

    Surviving a plane crash - The 'brace' position.

    still wrong though
  17. wattsy

    Bowl carving and basic workshop advice needed

    you can use the adze to chop out the area under the handle, and it looks like you have a mora push knife there not a drawknife, try using dowels to attach a piece of wood as a stop on the far side of your block and then wedge the bowl between that and your body to use the push knife.
  18. wattsy


    I love it when people think that wolves would predate on deer and not sheep, wolves aren't stupid there's no way they'd waste their time chasing deer around when they can get sheep for half the effort
  19. wattsy

    Folding candle lantern and Prismatic compass

    Hi guys I have for sale a 1940 MkIII Prismatic compass, fully restored by Trademark London the only thing that doesn't work on it is the screw for locking down the bearing ring on the outside. Yours for £50 posted Also a modern copy of the Stonebridge Folding Lantern as used by Kephart...