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    Permission Forms/Contracts

    Tidying up dead wood isn't good for wildlife, especially if you tidy it all up. Might work as a discussion with a farmer Someone who manages there woodland for wildlife may be happier with you coppicing for firewood (well in advance) on trees they have marked , and leaving extra deadwood...
  2. J

    Testing the water...5 acre wood near Ilkley

    Zombie thread... Would anyone who had the rules for this be willing to share them with me via pm please Cheers
  3. J

    Writing a letter asking for permission to camp

    Personally I wouldnt lie whats wrong with asking if you can camp in the wood without a fire? I certainly wouldnt ask about deer, interested parties tend to lamp them with crossbows.
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    ~Hello Im from Yorkshire Im interested in learning about all types of bushcraft Cheers
  5. J

    Opportunity to rent woodland near Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire Both the companies specialize in insurance for woods. ie fire You may have to go elsewhere for you PLI Cheers
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    I'm interested in learning about bushcraft and what its all about Cheers
  7. J

    Just scored some woodland!!

    Tell him/her the truth. Just say if its a no youll accept and understand it and not be doing any bushcraft under any circumstances