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  1. ejtrent

    For Sale Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    Hey all, So this one is a flat scandi in O1 tool steel, tested to 57-58HRC with g10 liners and teak scales. Kydex sheath and dangler style attachment. All made 100% by me in my workshop in Poole, from flat stock to the heat treat to the...
  2. ejtrent

    A Broader Utility Profile

    More experimenting here, this time with a broader profile knife and a less slicey look
  3. ejtrent

    Sold TKT Half tang field knife in g10 and O1

    Hey all! Half tang field knife for sale, O1 steel tested at 59hrc, grey g10 black liners orange spacer. 85mm blade length sabre grind convex microbevel. 2mm and 4mm cf pins Theres been a review of one of my knives here before and theres an interview with me thats just gone up on the site...
  4. ejtrent

    Experimenting with G10

    Hey chaps, thought I'd look at my manmade/synthetic knife scale offering, here is another little blade with g10 scales, Really rather grippy, and of course super durable and waterproof!
  5. ejtrent

    Half tang 3" pocket fixed blade

    Hello hello, Made another half tang (which has already been snapped up by someone on EM) but thought you guys might appreciate this little fixed blade, ideal for a non threatening bushcraft blade
  6. ejtrent

    Half tang field knife

    Hello all! Been experimenting with some half tangs, alike Phil Wilson's design, This is the latest go at it, This is hard maple, orange g10 and wenge, O1 at 58HRC wIth a 95mm blade The half tang makes it have a really wonderful balance, a very nimble feeling blade, i've also made it a...
  7. ejtrent

    Sold 75mm/3” half tang pocket fixed blade

    Howdy! Got into making these little EDC sized blades, definitely stout enough for many bushcraft tasks and a lovely horizontal carry as a companion knife if you dont wana carry something heavy. Would work in the kitchen too of course! This one is a half tang, which is inspired by the Phil...
  8. ejtrent

    Small EDC fixed blade

    As many of you will know, when making knives you usually end up with a littler offcut per piece of GFS. Figured it’s time to work out what to do with them! Here’s a small EDC fixed blade with my typical guardless ‘coffin shaped’ handle, 3mm o1 black g10 and London plane! It's tough enough...
  9. ejtrent

    For Sale Wild Country Trisar 2XL

    Hello all! Having a bit of a clear out of stuff I dont use anymore. This is an excellent wild country tent suited to someone looking for a roomy 2 man tent with an extensive porch - ideal for bike camping or as more of a base camp kinda tent, its really rather cool! Here's a picture of it...
  10. ejtrent

    Fuselage frame kayak

    thought you guys might enjoy the build of my skin on frame kayak last year - It’s based on the kudzu craft book so not a traditional Greenland kayak but still uses all lashings and the skin is sewed on in the same way. Pretty simple build when you have a woodwork shop - only complicated part...
  11. ejtrent

    Sold Trent knife and tool ‘Allen’ scandivex

    howdy all, Have this shop fresh Allen knife for sale, blurb from my website: This knife is a simple design made with time proven O1 tool steel in 3mm thickness. This particular knife is made from solid wenge with orange g10 liners. The grind is a scandivex - essentially a low convex which...
  12. ejtrent

    Workshop wharncliffe

    Wanted to have a go at a straight blade aimed for use in my woodwork shop, the make great tools for cleaning out joints! This is in o1, scottish elm, red liners and cf pins Thanks!
  13. ejtrent

    Knifemaking feedback - All appreciated!

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all well, my names Elliott Trent and I'm an aspiring knifemaker - I've actually sold a knife here the other day and was wondering if I could get some input from you bushcrafty fellas. This is the knife I'm currently making, I've sold a few so far and they seem...
  14. ejtrent

    Sold Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    Hi there! I'm newly active around here - despite being a member for some years! Here's a little bit about me: My name is Elliott Trent and I'm a furniture maker based down in 'sunny' Bournemouth, I've been running my own business for 5 years or so selling custom hardwood furniture made out of a...
  15. ejtrent

    Field testing out in the New Forest

    Hello! My brother and I got our DD Travel Hammocks this week so had to take this scarce time when we both share a day off to head out for a test! Unfortunately our closest large woodland area is the New Forest, for any of you guys out there who live near it I'm sure you're aware how much...
  16. ejtrent

    Stag Beetle Sighting..

    In my ignorance I honestly had no idea we get Stag Beetles here! With a little more research I hear they are endangered and protected, very interesting. I spotted this little (big) guy stuck to my house outside the front door! I only had my wide lens for my DSLR back from the studio...
  17. ejtrent


    Hello all! Just getting properly into this bushcraft lark and this forum looked like the place to be! Been camping and outdoorsy all my life with cadets and such, 22 years old, Bournemouth, filmmaker! Hope to start documenting the adventures soon.. Thanks!