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  1. towim

    A quick one nighter

    Brilliant pics, hoping to get out soon :)
  2. towim

    Wood and a stream

    Brilliant! I am only up the road, maye on 5 miles or so, If ou want any hlep or decided to have a woodswarm up let me know! Cheers for the thread! Looking forward to hearing more!
  3. towim

    Regular Mid-Wales Meet up?

    I would be very interested, Based in Llandysul.
  4. towim

    Canoe Pack Wanted

    We have these in stock, Palm River Trek Dry Bag They are a dry bag with the Rucksack style paddled straps on the back. If you would like any photos, I can take a few for you. Matt.
  5. towim

    How Many Open Canoe Paddlers On Here?

    Yep big paddler here! Sold my Mad River a few years ago when I had kids, but I know have access to all the kit I need. :)
  6. towim

    Boone Anniversary Trip---pic heavy

    Well after speaking to my wife, turns out her grandparents live on the next road, and her granddad thinks he may know them or used to. SO when we are up that way in a few weeks we could always pop over!
  7. towim

    Boone Anniversary Trip---pic heavy

    How Random! I used to live just down the road from that address! Matt
  8. towim

    Welsh Wildlife Centre?

    Righty ho,,ill give him a pm. Cheers.
  9. towim

    Welsh Wildlife Centre?

    I have tried my googlefu and here but cant seem to bring anything up. After walking the long river walk a couple of weeks back it got me thinking about this place. We didnt see a single person for the good 3 hours we were on the walk and i noticed some really nice spots to hang my hammock on...
  10. towim

    Cegga, a couple tarps and some bits and pieces

    Unlucky me, I just PM'd about the bivi trousers.... ill be quicker next time:)
  11. towim

    Knife engraiving

    I know a guy who is very good a engraving, have had key rings and a few blades done too, many of my friends use him, send me a PM and ill send you his email. He is on here But I cant remember his profile.
  12. towim

    Does anyone go caving?

    I don't cave as much as I mine, I find the industrial history a lot more interesting and to explore as we'll.
  13. towim

    Anything still happen in wales?

    I would be interested if anything comes afoot!
  14. towim

    Polish Poncho Tipi

    It weighs something like 3 or 4 kg im sure, it is heavy for what it is but what it is is worth it...try saying that after a beer or 5...... The heat it can retain is amazing, especially when you use a UCO candle!
  15. towim

    Bushcraft Skills and BBQ

    I thank you for doing this for kids nowa days, im lucky that I can teach my kids all this myself. my son is always telling me how none of his friends get to go into the woods and build bases as he says. I hope to know that my eldest knows many tricks that will help him in the future. And for...
  16. towim

    Where do you keep all your kit?

    Majority of my kit is in my HQ (garage) EDC is in the car and stuff im sorting is in the Dining room. TBH the garage is only for kit and is all racked one side for bushcrafty gear and the other side is for supplies and mining kit.
  17. towim

    Just met an old friend of Ray Mears...

    Good point, never really did think of that! just shows that everyone talks about everyone everywhere I guess... Hope if she reads this tho she is flattered.. Saying that her sas chums are probably poised on my door step ready to finish me :(
  18. towim

    Just met an old friend of Ray Mears...

    Funny old world, Was in work yesterday sorting out the fruit and veg (Morrisons) and a nice older lady started telling me why the mushrooms have to go in paper bags. She carried on to say she was retired 5 years and is a honorary member of the SAS. She explained she taught at hereford...
  19. towim

    An afternoon in the woods.....

    Thats Great, where in is it?
  20. towim

    Optimus No96 Bargain found!

    Went to my local antiques dealer today and he knows I like old lamps and camping stoves... This is what he offered me for £4 so I royally paid and left sharpish! :cool: Little bit of polishing and a couple of new parts and it will be a great addition to my polish lavvu!