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    Another Axe build

    Maybe a stupid question but how did you re shape the head? Only asking as I've got a brades axe that looks like that one did but it seems quite heavy for small camp duties and would like to re shape/ loose a bit of weight and do something similar. Looks very good btw and looking forward to the...
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    private woodland !!!!!!!!!!!

    A clean up party sounds good, also does the land owner need any maintenance on fences/gates ect? If I'm available I will help out.
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    Camelbak Customer Support

    This is why I bought a camelbak, nice to know that some big company's still care
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    A twist on my opinel

    That is very good and has given me some ideas
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    General Purpose Bushcrafting Knife

    Mora or condor bushlore, don't use bronze moon outdoors for the condor though, bad bad service.
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    Drybag Repair

    +1 for duct tape, cheap, cheerful and does the job.
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    Common land

    Ha ha, I know this bit of land and I don't remember there being any signs up but I was just walking through, not having a proper mooch. Gonna go and have a better look around this weekend me thinks!
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    Peening tang help

    I've got a stick tang blade that needs a handle on it(when I get time!). This has just answered another question that I've been trying to answer myself, thanks for the post and dave for his answer.
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    Common land

    I've just been reading another thread and someone said that common land is a bit different to the likes of the forestry commission and national parks. Is this correct and if so does anyone know what the laws are with regards to our bushcrafting past time? Thanks in advance, Ian.
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    stuff to go funding needed lodge mini cast skillet and more trades possible

    Gutted! If the sale of the stove falls through (fingers crossed!) I'll have it. No problem robbi, I should have just said yea in the first place
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    stuff to go funding needed lodge mini cast skillet and more trades possible

    I really want that stove. Let me work on the wife to loosen the purse strings! If it goes it goes but if it's still here tomorrow..........
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    My take on the Lynx can stove

    I've been making some beer can stoves recently, this looks a more robust version. I will have to give it a go. Thanks for posting.
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    Easy tracks

    I'll have a bash! might make me look stupid but is it fox and cub?
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    What's your profession??

    Park Ranger Tiler ( wall and floor ) Floorlayer / carpet fitter Outdoor Instructor Teacher / Outdoor Instructor Joiner Unemployed Surveyor Clerical (for local authority) Retail for almost two decades, Nursing for two decades (best job in the world and I mean that). Aerospace engineer...
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    Bushmoot 2013 and our Drew

    That is a very good read, just makes me want to go. This year maybe....
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    Celebration of Drew Dunn Respects Birthday 13- 16th Dec 2013

    I've had a mad year. With pneumonia , a new arrival and close family losses, it's going to be difficult for me to stop over now. I will however be calling in on Saturday afternoon with my little girl. On a seperate note I will bring some logs to keep you all warm( I don't know how long they...
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    Celebration of Drew Dunn Respects Birthday 13- 16th Dec 2013

    I don't know how to enter my name. Please could some1 add my name. Thanks.
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    If you can see this drew, RIP mate.
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    Pocket Money Axe

    I got one of these, it wasn't that cheap though, £3 I think. I've filed the edges but not had the time to sharpen it properly yet. If it sharpens up half decent it'll be little money well spent.
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    Possible woodland site for bushcraft.

    I'm interested mate. Just need to find the time now!