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    Free rewinding Scotland ebook

    I've subscribed to the Trees for Life newsletter and this month they are offering a previously £10 ebook for free to help us all through this period of isolation. I'm only 20 pages into the book but on first impressions it's a really nicely designed book with great pictures.
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    £5 eBay spoon carving knife set review

    I ordered this set a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't find much information on it so now it's here i thought I'd share my initial impressions with you. I'm not an experienced wood carver but tried wood carving on a general bushcraft course and decided that it was something I'd like to spend...
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    Adding PLCE side pockets to hiking rucksack

    I'm new to bushcraft and after 2 outings, one overnighter and a Woodland Ways course I've realised my 35 litre hiking backpack ( isn't big enough to comfortably...
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    First bushcraft course kit recommendations - Woodland Ways survival week March

    I’ve booked myself on the week long survival course in March 2019 and am looking for some kit recommendations. I know it’s still a few months away but with Christmas just round the corner I’m hoping to direct family towards the required bushcraft items if they want to buy me a gift. Bivvy bag...
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    Hi from Coventry

    Hi All, Been lurking here for quite a while and though an introductory post was long overdue. Big fan of the outdoors, self sufficiency and traditional skills along side the usual fire and sharp things which seem to be a running theme of this forum. Been doing a bit of hill walking recently...