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    Axe re-profile

    Hi all just wondering if there is anyone in Cumbria or north lancs that could reprofile an axe head for me. I have obtained an axe head that needs some tlc mainly around the cutting face.It looks like someone has been at it with a file. Please contact me with costs etc thanks Scott
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    Quick and easy meal

    Hello all, just tried out a recipe today in a Swedish army stove kit Ingredients 1 half of a chorizo 1 leek 4 or 5 mushrooms 1 pack of cheap noodles Optional. 1 mug shot Chop up chorizo into small pieces, fry them off in small Swedish pan. This produces a nice deep red flavoured fat...
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    Hello from Cumbria

    Hello there to everyone, I'm Scott from the south lakes area in Cumbria.