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    Stihl 010 AV Chainsaw - 12" Bar plus bits...

    Ok - its on evilBay with a BIN of £75, however if it goes to someone from here then I'll donate the 10% to Bushcraft UK.... The saw has been stripped, cleaned and tuned today, and has been run and tested. In the past 12 months the saw has had the following spares fitted : - New Anti Vibration...
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    Oh Yeah...!! New toys...!!!

    :D Just been and picked up the new toys from Mr Muirden.... Been after a kelly style kettle for a while, and this is just the size I wanted..!!! :D Real shame is that I've got to work til Thursday and I won't get to play with it... :( I'll let you know how it goes...!! Peter
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    Maya Dust

    Over last weekend, I finally got to use one of my stocking fillers from last Chrimbo... a tin of Light my Fire Maya Dust. It smelt pretty strong of resin, but is supposed to catch a spark from flint and steel, which I couldn't make it do with any success. Even filling a birchbark tube with...
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    Flecktarn Tactical Vest

    I bought this to carry kit as its easier than a rucksack.... However, I never use it, and its been out of the house about 3 times and hung in the garage ever since..!! :D Picture is here for a Flecktarn Tactical Vest along with the price I paid. First £10 plus shipping (about £6...??)...
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    Free.... to a good home...!!!

    OK... I've got a 14ish foot GRP Orange and White Kayak going spare.. Could do with a tidy up, and has the usual scratches etc. Its free, gratis, etc etc as it has a hole in the bottom, about 3ft from the tip. The hole is right angled break , about 1.5" across, and was caused when the canoe...