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  1. J

    maxpedition gear

    Hello, My name is Jurjen Knoester and I have organised one of the dutch bushcraftmeetings (you can find that thread in the europe meetings section.) I am saying this because the very first response I got was one of suspicion as to who I am and what my intentions where. No hard feelings about...
  2. J

    Dutch Bushcraft Meeting, winter edition

    This meeting is now full! General information: Dte: 16 - 19 jan 2009 Sarting time: friday 21.00 hours Ending time: sunday 17.00 hours Lcation: De Hoorneboeg, Hilversum. Routebeschrijving via Csts: 20,-* (incl. access terrain, workshops**, overnight stay) *excl...
  3. J

    Re-enforcing the hipbelt

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on how to reïnforce my hip belt or how to replace it with something more bulky for heavier loads. As you can see below, its quite thin and I'm intended to cramm as much gear into this pack as I can :-) Thanks for any coments
  4. J

    non-wetmoulded sheath

    So I found out that all the scraps of leather that I bought are something else than vegetanned... But no worries the sheaths seem to come out nice anyway. Let me know what you think, any tips and pointers on possible improvements are most welcome. Thanks for...
  5. J

    Dutch bushcraft meeting

    DUTCH BUSHCRAFT MEETING at 20-22 june 2008 People from England and other countries are also welcome, We can arrange pickup from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport for you! DETAILS Date: 20-22 june 2008 Starting time: Friday around 19.00 hours (Dutch time) Ending time: Sunday around 17.00...
  6. J

    Bushcraft sauna

    Hey there, during my last Outdoor programme in the Ardennes I've succesfully made a 5 man "sauna" in the woods. And I was wondering if others had any experience with building these things. Mine took about 6 hours labour to build, with all the neccecary materials nearby in the woods. As...
  7. J

    Sheaths for outdoor leaders

    After seeing all those sheaths out here being presented I got the urge to try and make my own, so after asking my brother to "lend" me his leather working kit (I still have to get that back to you Thijs, I promise I will) I had a few go's at making a sheath. I was fairly happy with it as it...
  8. J

    Looking for 15 axe's

    Hi every one, Im looking for a supplyer who can deliver me: 15 axes / axe knive giftsets. Within 2 weeks. Maximum price can be about 80 euro's per set. If possible with a wall mounting. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction. With thanks, Jurjen
  9. J

    Has anyone ever made their own underblanket?

    Hey there, I've been thinking about converting an old sleepingbag into an underblanket + blanket for my newly ordered hammock. Does anyone have any experience making one of their own? Greetings, Jurjen
  10. J

    Knife prices

    I've been looking around for knife prices a bit, and maybe some of you can help me out. The mora frost has been a great knife so far but I'm looking for an upgrade, actually Im looking for a knife that simply looks better... I know, it should be all about the functionality but hey, looks are...