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    OS Maps app, anyone else having problems with it recently?

    I did an update to my app recently and following the update the app has been unusable, first thing was that it lost all the maps I had previously downloaded onto my phone. Then it wouldnt re-download them. Now I have one downloaded but it wont access them unless I have signal? The main reason I...
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    Printing blocks for wet stamping leather? Worth a bash?

    I keep seeing wooden printing blocks on Ebay for not much money and fancy trying them to wet stamp a few leather bits and bats. Mostly a belt for my granddaughter as Ive seen some designs she would like and making a belt isnt rocket science. Was kind of thinking about dampening the leather and...
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    Decent Youtube thing about Estwing leather stacked handles.

    Worth a watch if you fancy either repairing one, converting a blue handled one to leather stacked (they're the same under the handle apart from the metal endcap thats easy to make anyway) or even if you want to make a stacked leather handle knife. For the varnish? Well anything is better then...
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    A blog about Wildcamping with some excellent pictures.

    I've been kind of putting this off for a while because this blog was by a woman I went to school with, she sadly died in her sleep on the 8th of may this year. To be honest, even though I read her name and knew the family members mentioned in the obituary somehow I kind of hoped it wasn't her...
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    Think you are related to 10th century Vikings? Yeah, just like everyone else.

    Infinite Monkeycage, Radio 4 comedy programme (that does still contain a lot of facts) explains how pretty much everyone who is alive now is descended from everyone who existed in the 10th century and had descendants. Quite an interesting programme after it gets past the wisecracks.
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    Svea 123R and GSI Glacier Bottle Cup/Pot combination.

    Fits perfectly over the stove, just thought I'd mention it. I've had a Svea 123R for a few years now but never had the little aluminium cup that comes with it., I got one of those one litre Primus Eta pots with the heat exchanger fins on the bottom which is great but always wanted a cup as...
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    So, you think you can get something good and sharp eh?

    Japanese handplaning competition. Or how to turn a tree into 9 micron sheets. Well, I was impressed anyway.
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    Few different steels reviewed...

    O1, PM-V11, White (paper?) steel and A2. Honourable mention to PM-HSS as well. OK so its chisels but its an interesting review all the same. I've used O1 and A2 plane irons and the findings are in line with my opinions so far and am thinking of getting a couple of plane irons in PMV-11...
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    Haix High Liability Combat boots, any good?

    Just looking at boots, now I currently have a pair of the Meindl Desert Fox boots which are absolutely ace, really comfortable boots. Only problem is they aren't waterproof, now I'm a reasonably accomplished bog trotter and generally avoid stomping in water but sometimes its unavoidable...
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    Butterfly chisel?

    New one on me, I'm still smarting over my Stanley Thru Tang chisel not having a one piece through tang and therefore only lasting a few months of very gentle work. Anyway, never seen these before and I'm calling "Gimmicky tat" before someone else does...
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    Strange tool identification please...

    Spotted this thing in my local tool sales place last week, I'm usually fairly good at working out what things are for but that one had me stumped. Anyone know what it is and what it does?
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    Quite possibly THE most elaborate feathersticks I've seen.

    Takes about a minute to get properly into it. Shame to bung em on the fire really... Obviously its not me making them, I just spotted it on another forum.
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    Long thread on another forum about home made tools, wortha read through.

    Its mostly car related stuff like bead rollers, english Wheels, car rotisseries, bead blasting cabinets, sheet metal benders whatever but there's also a few vice stands, and several decent sanding machines, belt grinders which might be useful for the blademakers. Its a long thread at eighty odd...
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    Jack Hargreaves

    Whilst perusing my local secondhand tool sales place buying things I'm not entirely sure I really need but are mercifully very cheap I spotted this thing. Now I can usually work out most things there, even when they are about as random as it gets but this ones got me baffled. Anyone? Its got a...
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    Interesting thing on Radio Four today about riding freight trains in the US. Iplayer

    Programme about hobos and even the well at heeled hopping freight trains, just to go where it went. iPlayer thing HERE and a website about it HERE. Obviously its not all sitting in an open boxcar sipping Kentucky sour mash and watching the world go by but the radio programme was interesting all...
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    Kelly/Bush/Dingo Kettles, what else is out there?

    Got talking to a mate at a recent party and we got on the subject of Kelly Kettles (he's got one) and we were wondering what other manufacturers are out there doing the same thing? So far I've found... Kelly Kettle Dingo Bush Kettle Eco Billy Thermettes (no link I'm afraid). What others are...
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    Art Martin: Will the real logger please stand up...

    Here's a thread thats been on the go over on The Arborist site for quite some time. Its about the life and times of a man named Art Martin who won many logging competitions and during his life saw many changes in that industry. There's photos on the thread of absolutely HUGE redwoods being cut...
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    Neil Armstrong dies, aged 82.

    No doubt at all that he did more than any of us would manage in a lifetime before the 1970s, then went on to get to the age of 82, which isn't a bad age to get to whoever you are. Think I can raise a glass to that. A truly inspirational man. Story HERE.
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    Tent stoves, what height are they off the ground?

    Just wondering like:) Not bothered if the measurement is in inches, cm's, mm's, cubits, feet or hands but I just want to know how much height they need in order that they aren't too close to the ground and scorch anything. Oh, and what internal and external diameter is the chimney that comes...
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    How many of you have made your own Silnylon?

    Spotted a couple of posts on here last week where it was mentioned but not much in the way of a specific thread so... Who's done it and how well has it lasted? What did you use it for? I'm assuming tarps and the like but am interested in whatever you have done and what material (weight and...