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    For Sale couple of vintage pocket knives

    up for grabs are a couple of vintage slipjoint knives first up is an original Rodgers and Sons barehead easy opener pouch knife 85mm closed - from the blade stamp its from around the 1930's, carbon steel blade, steel bolster and liners - Plastic handle has shrunk but its still a lovely piece...
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    pocket knife needing a layer removal

    just wondering if we have a member who could do some work for me I've a small pocket knife that has a pen layer that makes the main blade uncomforatable to use I've thought for a while about doing it myself but it'll need tools i don't have will pay well for the work since its a sentimental...
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    For Sale or trade - survival kit/bushcraft odds and ends

    looking to shift a few odds and ends either for sale as a job lot or trade (See below) Swedish wildo canteen - modern version of the army canteen 3 wirlpack 1 lt water bags - none have been used but 2 have been folded up to fit in a tin camo foil blanket 5 tinder tabs orange cordage NATO wire...
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    Wanted brass button compasses

    I've started collecting again :D This time its button compasses... anything considered cash and trades avalible will be posting stuff up in the swap area soon...
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    wanted condor kephart and/or Sapien

    looking for either or both :) might have something to trade but cash waiting too :)
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    Mini Plastic Vials

    Anyone know where I might get a few of these in the UK? The only place I can find them is survival resources but its pretty expensive buying for the US and shipping them over
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    Swedish army surplus sizing?

    Wondering in anyone can help with a guide to the sizing of Swedish army gear? I'd like to pick up a couple of odds and ends but i'm having trouble working out what size I might be
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    canvas repairs advice

    I've a fairly small project that'll need some sewing does anyone have any advice regarding the required thread and hand needles I might use I've also looked at speedy stichers - are they any good?
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    Withdrawn time to go

    time to go
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    Wanted Mora classic no 1 leather sheath

    looking for 1 or 2 of thse for an e jonnson Mora no 1 any style considered cash or trades possible
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    Wanted OD Mora 511

    Looking for an OD green Mora 511 - old version prefered but would consider a new model too loads of stuff to trade...
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    Wanted wooden handled Mora knives

    Looking for wooden handle mora knives for Mods and projects loads of stuff for trade but cash also an option - any size considered but particularly interested in a 2/0 morakniv
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    Wanted 3" closed barlow knife

    Looking for a small barlow 3" closed, US, UK or German made not fussed about the blade shape or scales cash or trades an option
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    mil-tec molskin vest - sizing question

    tried to ask retailers with little help anyone own one? trying to work out sizing but seem to get different numbers depending on who I ask Anyone know if they are true to size? Designed to be worn over a layer or if you need to size up?
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    Wanted full tang carbon steel paring knives

    looking for one or two fully tang carbon steel/wooden handled paring knives trades or cash possible
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    For Sale or Trade Corso's New Year clear out

    Loads of stuff to be added to this thread. Knives over 18's only - please understand I might require proof you're over 18 Please note due to work and the lack of a PO near it I can only post stuff out at weekends So whats on offer 1) County comm Maratac Zipper Key Pouch (REV3) Double Duty...
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    Wanted Condor Kephart fixed blade or similar

    Looking for a Condor kephart or anything similar cash or trades possible
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    Wanted Dorset Woodland Blades Bushkey tool

    Kicking myself but managed to loose my bushkey Looks like this If anyone has one they are willing to sell on I'd be very interested - any version considered would also consider trading one of these for one...
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    For Sale or trade - couple of vintage slipjoint pocket knives

    Couple of old vintage pockets knives - both have <3" blades - however sales to over 18's only, please do not take offence if I ask for proof, shipping options will need discussion and i'm willing to do a deal if you buy both. first up is a Sheffield made C.Johnson breahead jack knife, aging...
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    Wanted vintage keychain/pocket tools

    Looking for a few different vintage gadgets and tools An US made P-51 can opener Proto keychain screwdriver Sears 4 way screwdriver Victorinox Rambler Wenger tool chest SAK or anything similar I have pocket knives, books and various other items up for trade Camilus peanut knife...