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    Mora Garberg ?

    Do you own and use a Morakniv Garberg? I think about buying the Carbon version. What are your opinions about that knifes?
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    How do you carry your winter sleeping bag?

    Usually I am able to fit a 3 seasons equipment in my 34 litres rucksack. And last year that was all I needed because it didn't really become so cold in Germany. I just used my Snugpak SF1 with its bivvy bag all the year round. Because now it becomes relativly cold, I currently have to pack my...
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    Free Compass App and other usefull free Outdoor Apps for Android Smartphones?

    Sometimes I set up my tent on a camping ground that I reached by car and can't see the sun. In this case usually my real compass is stored well protected deep in the rucksack. This situation happens regularly to me if I am in southern France and arrive relatively late at the camping ground...
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    Lightweight Rucksacks 30 to 50 litres

    Which relatively lightweight rucksacks are used or new currently available at the market with a capacity of 30 to 50 litres? I am mainly interested in rucksacks with 40 to 45 litres volume. They Should be made of a relatively durable tough fabric, saving the weight mainly via the lightweight...
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    Recommended EDUCATIONAL FILMS about the propper classical way of BUSHCRAFT and SURVIVAL

    Please let's collect in this thread educational films and videos about how to do bushcrafty things CORRECTLY. There are so many idiotic videos in the internet, that in my opinion it is really necessary that we point out what is really worth to look at. We should collect films here, which help...
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    I am interested in full tang knifes with 10 cm blades which are optimized for Eating Cooking Fire lighting Peg carving and general Bushcraft Use I currently look for myself but for German boy scouts as well, so the price doesn't matter in your recommendations. (In Germany even children are...
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    Short sleeping bag in olive green or brown?

    I am looking for (currently sold) short sleeping bags in olive green, brown or dark grey, (even black), or a woodland camouflage pattern, which blends well in Northern European nature. The sleeping bags have to be SHORTER AS USUAL. They are meant as equipment for children, boy Scouts or small...
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    Gas Tin in Billy Can?

    Does the 450g Primus screw ventile gas tin fit perfectly in the 12 cm Zebra billy can? Or is the 450g tin to high and only the 230g Primus gas tin fits well in the 12 cm Zebra billy can? Or do you recommend something else?
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    US Army ALICE Pack ???

    Currently I collect some different military surplus rucksacks to store my stuff in them and to pack them ready to go for different circumstances: Summer in Germany, Summer in southern France, Winter in Germany, Base camps, Canoe explorations, with or without tent, and so on. While I looked...
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    Hiking Rucksacks for Children

    Which hiking rucksacks does the market currently offer especialy for children? I found this list here: OSPREY ACE 38 litres, 1090g DEUTER CLIMBER, 22 litres, 770g TATONKA AKELA...
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    Low Budget Full Tang Knife?

    Which inexpensive full tang knives with blade length between 9 and 10 cm do you recommend to beginners and why?
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    Which is the best KANTEEN and why?

    I still have a nice collection of civil and military canteens but I ask myself which is the best one in the world and why? What are your opinions about it?
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    You want a locking folding knife in the bush, but a UK legal knife in the Bus? Watch this video! If you shorten the Opinel No7 Carbone just a bit, you get wat you want! :D
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    Low Budget Equipment 2019

    Please let's write a beginners equipment list together with extremely inexpensive stuff that is made in a good quality. The stuff should be currently available, so please don't talk about stuff which nobody offers. I would like to see here active links to traders! (But please write down the...
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    How to wash up the dishes in forest and field?

    So, the weather is slowly becoming very nice, hundreds and thousands of British bushcraft greenhorns are surching in attics, caves and sheds for blankets, pots and rusty knives to get started with bushcraft. It's the right time to discuss here the most important question of our bushcraft live...
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    How much are women able to carry?

    If couples are hiking, usually the man carries tent and kitchen on top of his stuff, the lady doesn't carry extra stuff, and so they are more or less equal in speed. Lets say for most civil young men a load between 13 kg and 16 kg is comfortable, 18 kg is the border men are able to carry over...
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    Android offline navigation maps 2019

    I ordered the water resistant smart phone Samsung X-Cover 4. So far I understand it right, it's based on the Android system. Which free ware offline navigation system maps for road and street navigation do you recommend to me? Are hiking maps existing too? I am mainly interested in maps for...
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    Trusty British Surplus Shops ?

    Please tell me in your opinion trusty British military surplus shops who run an internet shop. (You may off course write in here little shops in Britain too, which don't run internet shops, but please tell it me, if I can't order there via homepage.) Thank you!
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    Olive green Aldi Sleeping Bags 15€ comming soon!

    I guess they weight round about 1 kg, pack relatively compact, are rated till 10*C and survive only 200 nights of use. Small persons could use two of them pulled in each other as winter sleeping bags around 0*C. For this use I would buy two with the zipper at the same side. I don't know them...
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    Which Equipment do you use since more than 30 years and it's still fine?