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    Tasmanian Tiger Range Pack

    I have one of these but at 56 the chances of me needing to wander into Europe with a sniper rifle are somewhat slim now! It's as in the picture, used but in good condition, in Flecktarn. A bit bulky so I think £150 posted. This is a stock picture. PM me for more photos with an e mail address thanks
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    Barbour longshoreman smock

    I don't suppose anybody has one of these knocking about in reasonable condition? Needs to be xtra large. Thanks
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    For Sale

    1. Aircrew knife. These seem to be quite rare but are safe to use. This one is dated 1988. (it is on BB) Same price here £50 Would swap for the cheap spyderco UKPC (I have the orange serrated) 2.Enza Nice little knife, about 3.5 inches in length. £35 or again any spyderco trades Thanks for...
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    for sale

    SOG Seal pup with sheath £30 sold Lile marked but not original £30 Swedish barrel knife £75 Sold pending payment Cold steel Mini Hunter £15 sold all good condition. I also have a Chris Reeve mk v1 that I would like to swap for a mountaineer or aviator and a Boker EDC that has been used...
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    Falkniven WM1

    Anyone out there got an unused WM1? Preferably the VG10 one but either will do. Have got plenty of sharps as a swap or will discuss anything else. Thanks TG
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    Autumn Sale

    Having a clear out of some stuff I have not used for some time. 1. Arktis(Country Covers) vest. Purchased for carrying deer stalking kit but originally for doing something with birds of prey. Size large-extra large with some adjustment. Used twice. £40 sold 2. Gerber folding lock knife used...
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    Wanted: Chris Reeve Aviator

    Anyone out there got a chris reeve aviator or mountaineer surplus to requirements?
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    blaser saddlemount

    This will fit all Blaser rifles. Mount only, not used. No rings. £100 posted