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    What do you want to Buy?

    Got a Stormy kromer, outstanding !
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    Rhubarb chutney

    Beetroot and rhubarb makes a good chutney.
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    Using Blackcurrants

    We get loads of black currants off our bushes, stew them, freeze, and eat with muesli and yoghurt for breakfast in winter. Some do find their way into a cobbler when we have guests. And excess fruit can be stewed, frozen and used like this, its hard to put into words the joy of blackcurrants for...
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    fish smoker

    Prawns traditionally preserved in that area using butter, Morecambe bay shrimps, delicious if you can find them.
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    For Sale Axe Price drop

    This weighs 1.14 kg and can be used two handed or single handed. It will strap nicely on a pack and should do what you need in the woods, hefty enough to chop firewood, but not too big for smaller jobs. Its an inch or two shorter than a GB SFA, and a lot cheaper ! ( Not suggesting its an SFA !)...
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    It is a Gizmo, what on Earth is it ?

    Thanks for the thoughts so far, will try Lee valley !
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    It is a Gizmo, what on Earth is it ?

    Why has this hammer been fixed to a metal spike so it can rotate ? Makes no sense to me, anyone got a clue ?? Bb
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    Four cold chisels

    As in picture, SAK for scale only ! Postage likely to be about a fiver on these so best collected from Bradford. Fiver the lot. thanks Bb
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    For Sale Engineers hammers and a cross pein head

    Hi folks, two good solid engineers hammers here and a cross pein weighing 12 oz. say fiver each posted or twelve quid the lot posted ? Bb PS can collect from Bradford west yorks
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    Help with Primus stove restoration

    Many thanks, most helpful.
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    Help with Primus stove restoration

    Hi, hoping someone can point me at resources on how to restore an old Primus stove, unsure of model etc. Are there any good tutorials and where is a good place to source bits that need replacing? As ever most grateful for any help.
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    What is this please ?

    From a factory specialising in textile machine repairs..... Its a stone, looks like a sharpening stone. Turning the handle moves it to and fro.
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    What is this please ?

    Mods feel free to move if this is in the wrong place. Anyone help me out:
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    For Sale Pocket axe

    You have mail.
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    For Sale Pocket axe

    This lovely axe weighs 1 lb and measures just 9.5cm by 6cm at the heads widest points. Total length 28cm. Shown here with a standard disposable lighter, it is small enough to slip into a pocket for a walk in the woods. Mounted on a sturdy old handle, the first time I hung it on a thinner one...
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    For Sale Elwell hatchet

    This is an Elwell 1 1/4 lb head cleaned up, sharpened to a working edge ( not shaving sharp but for cutting and splitting wood ) on a 12 inch hickory handle. Small enough to fit in a day pack but powerful enough to do a lot of work. £12 posted to you.
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    Vest, gilet, and plea for wisdom

    You right on trend brother !
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    Vest, gilet, and plea for wisdom

    Thanks, am quite a Rohan fan and the Gilet 1 is a possible, had some of their stuff for years and it just keeps on going, damn shame they stopped doing the breeches and especially the salopettes, one of the best bits of mountain kit ever made.
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    Vest, gilet, and plea for wisdom

    Well, first off many thanks to Wayland who some time ago reviewed a Stormy Kromer waistcoat and jacket. I have a waistcoat and have worn it every day since its arrival about six weeks ago. Not cheap but a fine garment, warm, windproof, enough pockest to carry all the stuff I need in my dotage...
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    Pocket carry

    Another nice job ! You have a natural style, not the all too often seen macho know it all deal. Like it !!