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  1. tinderbox

    What works and what does not work. Medicine

    That makes sense Southey. Nettle stings are acidic, and most plant saps alkaline. I find dock sap works for me, but lots of folks seem to just rub the rash with a leaf then wonder why it doesn't work. That said in general the odd nettle sting is best treated by just ignoring it for twenty...
  2. tinderbox

    maroon paracord

    Maroon, burgundy and claret are three words for the same colour.
  3. tinderbox

    blades taken by police - advice please

    What do you mean it's not detachable, have you any idea what feminist sociology lecturers can do with a pair of scissors. Zealots never have a sense of the absurd.
  4. tinderbox

    blades taken by police - advice please

    I'm glad he did, it's an excellent analogy.
  5. tinderbox

    Hammered my thumb today

    As soon as I saw the picture I thought hot paper clip/needle. Works like magic.
  6. tinderbox

    blades taken by police - advice please

    If he accepted a caution he's liable to lose his job next time he's CRB checked.
  7. tinderbox

    Buffalo horn, is it stable?

    Horn is plastic it remembers and returns to its original shape unless heated to a specific temperature. So it's as stable as you get.
  8. tinderbox

    Mora knives

    Isn't the 840 just the old clipper, not part of the classic range?
  9. tinderbox

    Article: Pooping Perfectly in the Woods

    The government issue stuff used to have, "Use other side," printed on it.
  10. tinderbox

    Article: Pooping Perfectly in the Woods

    Smear a little around the orifice before squatting, then wipe it off afterwards. That way nothing attaches itself to you, no skidmarks.
  11. tinderbox

    Article: Pooping Perfectly in the Woods

    It's amazing what you can sell some people at inflated prices.
  12. tinderbox

    Article: Pooping Perfectly in the Woods

    Has there ever been a non biodegradable toilet paper?
  13. tinderbox

    Article: Pooping Perfectly in the Woods

    No mention of the vaseline trick?
  14. tinderbox

    Recommend a herb/seed grinder please.

    I don't know where to find one of these, but I know I want one:
  15. tinderbox

    Decent reasonably priced compass

    Absolutely Wook, although most falls off cliffs in Scottish hills aren't due to faulty equipment. The Ben Nevis plateau is a navigation nightmare in a white out. Other than than that it's mostly stupidity that gets folk killed, like trying to find the Goat Path in Coire an t-Sneachda rather...
  16. tinderbox

    Decent reasonably priced compass

    Recta are a Swiss brand, now owned by Suunto. Every bit as good as Silva, but don't have the same brand recognition in the anglosphere. In some European countries recta are the known brand and Silva the forgotten one.
  17. tinderbox

    Decent reasonably priced compass

    Every time there's a thread like this, on any forum, the recommendations come in for the Silva 4 Expedition. For the same price you can get a Recta DO 590, same quality, but it also has a declinometer and an inclinometer.
  18. tinderbox

    Hammock Safety?

    Not as good an idea as you might think. If one fails the second will be shock loaded, although it can spread the load between the two attachment points. When setting up belays climbers look for three points of protection, and "equalise" the strain between the three. That way if one fails the...
  19. tinderbox

    Waterstone and Leather Strop Field Sharpening Kits - June 2012

    Could I have one please?
  20. tinderbox

    Naked Rambler Lock him up or let him roam free?

    Point of info, he needs to be a danger to himself or others to get sectioned, not just mentally ill. With resources being short it's bloody hard to get sectioned these days. Even then if the condition is classified as a personality disorder, rather than an illness, he wouldn't get sectioned.