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    dartmoor over the summer anyone ?

    iv been doing a few wild camps on dartmoor and was wondering if anyone in the south would like to join me. i just basher out in woodland type area bit of walking nice a chilled. il be going anyway so anyone is welcome to join me cheers guys
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    hey all new to this tips?

    hey im new to the bushcraft world im corrently 7 years into my service in the armed forces hoping this will give me a few skills to start with im looking to get out and about starting on dartmoor over the summer im looking for as many tips as possible for a new guy looking to wild camp and also...
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    hi all completly new to bushcraft !!!

    new too all of this iv spent 7 years in the armed forces so im hoping that will give me a good base level to start from hoping to get out for a wild camp on dartmoor over the summer any tips also any other beginer solo wild campers out on dartmoor this summer ?