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  1. J

    "Wild" camping and air rifle shooting

    I have taken up, and I am getting pretty good at air rifle shooting. I am not ready to take rabbits yet but hope to be by next summer. I have seen this place after doing a bit of googling. Anyone have any experience of the place...
  2. J

    Heads up on a Tobacco tin (one for the smokers)

    Golden Virginia are doing some limited edition Tobacco tins, about twice as wide as the standard tobacco tin. Picked up 2 from the local Co-Op. A great size for an emergency kit or a fire lighting box.
  3. J

    Books on Medicinal Flora

    I hope this is the right place to post this... I am looking for a decent book on the medicinal use of plants in the UK, I have had a look on Amazon but I am hopeless at finding what I want on there. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably plenty of pictures and maybe guides on how to...
  4. J

    Hello from Northampton

    Thought I should say hello as I have been browsing the forums for a few days, picking up information. I am new to bushcraft and I am trying to plan a wild camping trip or two in the summer with some friends, we camp every year but I am fed up with the organised sites. My knowledge of...