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    Trueways survival

    Has anyone come across these before, just cropped up on a google search - I've never heard of them and I've been going on courses since the eighties. Here's a link Chris :)
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    Old Magazine

    I missed the old uk bushman version of the magazine - has anyboby got a copy hanging around, reviews or anything? Thanks Chris :)
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    Gransfors axes

    I'm looking at getting a GB axe (or two). Any advice on which one to get would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris :)
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    I don't know about what people think about this but, When I click on a new thread, and discover there is already 2 to 3 pages to get through, I just click out and go somewhewre else. Reason - because alot of the posts drivel, excuse the word, and they just take up space. If it doesn't...
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    Super moderators

    What's the differance between a moderator and a super moderator? Is kryptonite involved in the process somewhere. :D
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    How many?

    How many new Bushcraft/survival Schools have appeared in the last year or so? And how many are there in existence in the British Isles now? Is anyone able to list them all? I know Gary started his Bearclaw recently and Woody is starting his Bushcraft school this summer, I keep seeing...
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    I've been promoted

    Good to see you all back From being demoted in the past I'm now promoted to "senior member" or is this for people over fifty. :rolleyes:
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    I've been demoted!

    I used to be a tenderfoot, then I was a forager, now I'm just an active member again :?: I also can't access the members list and profiles to then do pm to other members :?: Chris
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    nature cure

    Just finishing Richard Mabeys new book, "Nature cure" a highly recommended read :wink:
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    This is weird

    I just put in my toolbar and it goes to some other website or course, does anyone know if they have wrapped it up or changed something? :?: Chris
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    Interesting survival article

    Also found this on the web last night, interesting comment about the worth of information in Lofty Wisemans Handbook, being compared to the back of a cornflakes packet. :shock:,2763,1267524,00.html Chris
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    survival course reveiws on the web

    Also came across this very interesting course review while surfing the web last night, Chris :biggthump
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    A new school ?

    Came across this today while surfing the web, looks new? Anyone been here? :-) Chris
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    job vacancies in scotland ?

    Came across this recently, as some of the scottish members were looking for on the job experience recently. I know nothing about the company, maybe some off the members north of the border could fill in the gaps Chris :biggthump
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    last night's telly

    Two good thing's last night 1 Allan Titmarsch British Isles programme This look's promising for future episodes. 2 The arctic magnetic pole team race, the winners were tough but the northern lights team were great. polar bears and frostbite on the oldman :yikes: Anyone else enjoy...
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    Arctic/cold climates survival

    Hi, Do any UK instructors/companies other than RM run an existing arctic/cold climates survival course/trip? :?: Thanks Chris :wave:
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    Do you get standard insurance deals or is there something specially available for bushcrafters? I get my leaders insurance through the BMC for liabilty etc but it is really only specific for mountain/exped leaders. What do you do for the meet ups Tone, do you need to have some kind of...
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    uk bushcraft forums, magazines etc

    Apart from BCUK are there any other bushcraft or survival forums or magazines run in the uk? I know about the combat survival thing but is there anything else for the JoePublic? Chris :wave:
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    Has anyone seen this before?

    Has anyone seen this before ? Is there now some kind of legislation or organisation? Who are the founder members?