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  1. forestwalker

    Do I need button compass.

    I added some Sugru to eliminate the "clip" feature of the Suunto: this was after having lost two of them. Appear to work fairly well.
  2. forestwalker

    What did you buy today?

    Well, a few weeks ago: MSR Guardian Purifier (Rock+Run and RM both had the same lowest price i could find, but Rock+Run was free shipping, even to Sweden...). It actually appears that someone finally got water filters right: fast, easy to pump, no maintenance[1], will survive freezing[[2] and...
  3. forestwalker

    Your picture of the day...

    A canoe trip along the river Hårkan i Jämtland. More pictures at
  4. forestwalker

    Best Headtorch?

    I have abused a HC50 from Nitecore for about a year now. It actually appears to hold up fairly well! Not lightweight, in particular not when batteries are added, not terribly cheap (cost me about SEK 5-600, say £50?). But it just works, and does the main things I want: 1. red light option 2...
  5. forestwalker

    Natural-fibre sleep mat?

    There is rya rugs that could work. Basically a "fake fur" woven from wool (some years that are in IKEA fashion as rugs). Not even remotely water-resistant, but fairly warm even when damp, being wool. Toddy suggests reindeer hides, and they are very nice, but a bit on the bulky side by modern...
  6. forestwalker

    Your picture of the day...

    Out on a canoe trip on the lake Hotagen in Jämtland. A couple of more pictures:
  7. forestwalker

    New Tent, Advice Requested

    On the other hand, if it is car-camping you can make a tipi or ger/yurt for way less than your limit. I've set up both in less than 30 min solo... The flatter roof of the ger could be problematic in heavy rains, use something well impregnated for the roof. A small fire will tend to deter...
  8. forestwalker

    Dehydrated Fuel? Or Huel?

    Made form 100% certified Vegans? :-D
  9. forestwalker

    New Tent, Advice Requested

    Standing room means it is mostly the tipis/lavvus that would fit your requirements. I have not tried the Helsport lavvus, so I'm not sure how good they are in mosquito/midge countries. I do know that the Tentipi without inner tent offer no protection against them If you want to skip the standing...
  10. forestwalker

    18650 headlight

    Nitecore HC50. I use mine all the time (except in real cold, then I use a modded Petzl Arctic)
  11. forestwalker

    Adventuring with children

    The book "Cradle to Canoe: Camping and Canoeing with Children" by Kraiter & Kraiter is really good. Long hikes are a problem, the one carrying toddlers can't carry much else, so others need to compensate. Canoes were ideal I found: IIRC mine was about a year old the first time, but there is...
  12. forestwalker

    Heads Up free SAS Survival Handbook

    If so (adapted versions ok) I can have a version without some of the insanity. First on the list would be the taste test for edible plants: it was a common insanity in the 80's but still on the list as "better than a certain death": try it with cowbane (Cicuta viosa) and report back. Or some of...
  13. forestwalker

    If you could only take one of your items you already own?

    When? Where? What scenario? For a night or ten right now (summer in the middle of Sweden) I would pick a durable sleeping bag or even a thick wool blanket (Jerven thermo is also a strong candidate). OTOH a cooking pot would allow me to purify water, so it would depend on the water sources I...
  14. forestwalker

    Wooden bowl carving tools

    For most bowls I've made from green wood I'd say: 1. Use a bowl adze (i.e. one with a curved blade) to rough it out 2. Use an axe on the outside to rough that out (sometimes 1 & 2 gets reversed) 3. Finish the inside with a "spoon knife", preferably something a bit larger than the smallest ones...
  15. forestwalker

    Available knives with a butt plate?

    There is always Lars Monsen: No 34 and 47 appears appropriate.
  16. forestwalker

    Sewing Kit (an Elder Project)

    Nice! Mine is more simple. I opted for a "low profile" lid with a leather tab, since my intention was for it to work in a pack without the lid working out.
  17. forestwalker

    New sheath for the Lapplander saw

    Showing the height of creativity and originality I made a new sheath for my Lapplander saw (I gave my old one to my daugher who spotted one on the bottom of the River Hårkan on a recent canoe trip). It is a brand new, original design, never before seen (unfortunately Ray Mears will see this...
  18. forestwalker

    Your picture of the day...

    I think the title of this picture should be "why I live where I do, reason 487"
  19. forestwalker

    Article: Snugpak: 40L Dri-Sak with Air Valve

    Alternative use: I have the snozzle bag for my syn-mat, and got a spec of dust on my camera sensor when changing lenses. I successfully used the snozzle bag to blow the dust away...