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    Newbie in Bristol - any groups/meets?

    Handful of miles south of brizzle.
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    Who is active in Wiltshire?

    I'm in Bristol
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    Mendip meet

    Not that I know of.
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    Depends which Friday and location.
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    In Bristol. I get at least one trip a month, so I'll keep an eye out on this thread.
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    Mendip meet

    I'm living near Nailsea. How about a drink at the Swan in Rowberrow. Pick a date and time. Generally can't do a midweek drink as I'm looking after the kids. Or are we going to dive in at the deep end and spend a night out in each others weird company?
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    Mendip meet

    I'm interested, from the Northern end.
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    Bristol area any ideas where to go!

    Pm me for a few hammock areas just south of Bristol.
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    Brand New Latest Gen RAB ASCENT BIVI £100 inc UK P&P (insured)

    Have you still got the ascent for sale?