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  1. zarkwon

    These storms have done for the Seagull chicks. (Pics may be a bit sad for kids).

    Two chicks out the back this year. The recent storms have been unfortunate for the chicks of all birds this year. With the drops in temperature and lack of flying insects due to the rain our birds are suffering. These Herring Gulls didn't make it through the weather which is a shame as they are...
  2. zarkwon

    A short bimble on rare SSSI heathland. (Pics)

    My boy and I took a walk on our favourite heathland site on the edge of Dartmoor. There were lots of tunnel spiders about and this was the most impressive web. You can just make out the South Dartmoor tors in the background Green Tiger Beetle Cheers 7 spot Nice to see this...
  3. zarkwon

    Good weather to try out my new Musto Highlander Jacket.

    Just got this jacket and thought I'd have to wait a few months to try it out. Then along came June :rolleyes:. I got it as an alternative to the Mears classics as I do like Musto. It will go over my Swannie Mosgiel but isn't too roomy with just a fleece. Lightweight, hardwearing, waterproof and...
  4. zarkwon

    A day and night on Dartmoor (pic heavy)

    Spent yesterday and last night on Dartmoor with a mate. No wild camping this time though as we were checking out a family friendly site for this summer. Sunny one day and raining the next, I used everything I took for once so was pleased with my kit selection. First I took advantage of the...
  5. zarkwon

    Sharp Tor, Dartmoor (pic heavy).

    A quick climb up Sharp Tor for a brew with a view. Nearing the summit now with a Buzzard overhead. Left my camera battery at home but even on an iphone it's gorgeous. View from the top across to Venford reservoir One for the ladies! Kit
  6. zarkwon

    Reverse brew kit. New inexpensive water filtering technology.

    This looks like an interesting approach to water filtering. Carbon nanotubes are proving a useful technology in a wide variety of applications.
  7. zarkwon

    My New Sharp arrived. A Bison Bushcrafter. (pics)

    After a long wait, my new Bison Bushcrafter is here. Next to my Spydie for comparison. Some slight gouging/scratching to handle visible here. Must be post finishing as rough to touch but just a cosmetic scratch so not worth doing anything about. Waited too long to send back for...
  8. zarkwon

    Trying some tarp configs for Dartmoor ground dwelling this autumn (pics)

    I've been giving the lightweight route a go recently (meaning I may opt not to lug my Banshee 300) and what with the scarcity of trees on the moor and the unpredictable weather up there now we've seen the back of Summer, I may not always have time to find a place to hammock. I figured I'd better...
  9. zarkwon

    A trip up Haytor, Dartmoor to try out my new OMM 32 classic. (Pics)

    Just received my OMM 32 Classic and OMM Villain from backpackinglight so took the 32 and my boy out for lunch. By zarkwon at 2011-09-06 By zarkwon at 2011-09-06 By zarkwon at 2011-09-06 By zarkwon at 2011-09-06 By zarkwon at 2011-09-06 Cheers, Ol.
  10. zarkwon

    Wahoo! I've been given permission to use lovely bit of land.

    I went out for a wander today and having decided to call it a day I had one last pop over the verge of a road to look at a bit of unused land belonging to a large local estate. I was spotted mooching about by a game keeper and held up a friendly hand. I explained who I was and that I was looking...
  11. zarkwon

    Day off. Though I'd better give the old BB an airing (Pics).

    Lest you suspect me of sloth. I was not simply slouching about in the sun, I WAS LEARNIN'. Melvyn Bragg's "In Our Time" podcast on my ipod kept me company. Today's topics? "The Battle of Bannockburn", "Maimonides" and "The Age of the Universe". Nice view. Usually you can look out to across the...
  12. zarkwon

    "Just hanging around the house" or "There's a Blackbird in my living room"

    Thought I'd play with my hammock set up a little. Please excuse the mess. As a single dad of a 5 year old I have the luxury of not having to clear up after him every day if I can't be arsed ;) Sorry about the lighting. You can just about make out the shelf though. In seat mode. I...
  13. zarkwon

    Took my boy out to check the sap.

    Late afternoon and we're off to the woods to check for Birch sap. Almost got dinner with the car on the way. The heathland turning into woodland Put up a roof for the boy to tuck into some oreos and hot choc under whilst I looked for a suitable Birch. Flowing nicely down the blade...
  14. zarkwon

    New Boots for spring (pics)

    I purchased a pair of Hanwag Mountain Light GTX on sale last week and they arrived today. I've had my Lowa Mountain GTX for five years or so now and whilst they are still in almost perfect nick, I thought it was time to treat myself to a new pair. I've been looking at Hanwag's for a while and...
  15. zarkwon

    Custom made hatchet job

    Well I bought this lovely knife from Pepperana (who very kindly sent it even before payment cleared). It is well cared for and good and sharp. Just what I was after. It's a good job it's a user however as when it came through customs it was obviously opened by a fellow bushcrafter who only...
  16. zarkwon

    Newsnight :Government forest sell off

    Newsnight tonight was about the forest sell off. Anyone see it. I just got in as it finished. Going to try iplayer.
  17. zarkwon

    Spring wild camp on Dartmoor anyone?

    Itching to get back out to Dartmoor once the weather stops being silly. Thought I'd poll interest in an early spring/late winter wild camp. Anyone interested? Would quite like to find a hammock and tent spot if anyone has good local knowledge of the moors (I'm new'ish down here) for those...
  18. zarkwon

    Eco Sleep system up on the bay These might be of interest to Mearsy fans like me too :lmao...
  19. zarkwon

    MSR Pocket Rocket brew test OR It may be sunny but it's still (...) January

    Got one of these as a backup/alternative to my Honey and Trangia so thought I'd give it (and my boy) a run out. Brew's up :) Simple, light and efficient. I was glad it got the boil going so quickly too. My misplaced confidence in the warming properties of the January sun from the...
  20. zarkwon

    black ops

    How about we set up a BCUK gaming clan? Just for fun of course. I'm on PS3 and my name is zarkwon. Send me a friend request and I'll be happy to shoot you in the back with my AK :) Put your name down if you're up for it.