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    How to scare other campers away

    You shouldn't have to clean up after others but I think cleaning the site does work. Leaving rubbish around encourages others to do the same. I've encountered a similar problem and found that it lasted for only a couple of years after which the youngsters grew up and moved on to other things.
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    Almost lost my Mora Clipper....twice

    Sargent "Johnson - where's your cammoflage jacket!" Private Johnson " I can't find it sarge"
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    A reminder about letting others use your knife...

    I do wonder how someone with you attitudes could get to be a moderator.
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    compressed sawdust charcoal

    I think a truck exhaust pipe might work too. Should be cheap at a scrap yard. I was reading that in a tipi you don't always need a stove pipe that is long enough to go out the smoke hole. As long as it is about 5 feet high and about 4 feet from the top of the tipi it should keep smoke from...
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    Shelterbox Stove's

    I'm interested in the plans. How much would be a fair price to offer?
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    compressed sawdust charcoal

    woops! My eyes DO need testing
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    compressed sawdust charcoal

    I think the main environmental problem with burning paper is the ink. Paper bleached with chlorine can give rise to dioxins when burned also. Glossy paper should never be burned. Some web sites: American site about burning household waste.
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    compressed sawdust charcoal

    I think it is often a better use of a resource, like waste paper, than recycling in many cases; both economically and environmentally
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    Nanok Endurance SF 0 - Pack Size Comparison?

    You are just looking for an excuse to buy another Nanok :) You can always compress more certanly not a few inches.
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    Nanok Endurance SF 0 - Pack Size Comparison?

    Hope this helps:
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    Nanok Endurance SF 0 - Pack Size Comparison?

    I can try to do a pic for you but probably not before tuesday. Hopefully someone will do one before that. They are a great bag and roomy (as they are designed to fit outside the "minus" bags). The zero's pack size is large by the standards of modern summer bags but not huge.
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    Ray Mears new Shirt

    Look if you lot are too mean to spend £125 on shirts from Ray Mears then I will make a special deal for you. You can have my with my name printed on it for £80.
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    Shelterbox Stove's

    I dont know if this is practical. But how about a "group buy" of the plans - the money to go to the charity?
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    Easiest Place to Survive

    If we are talking about a period in pre history Id say the Mediterranean. Mild weather loads of seafood. Easy to travel using primitive boats.
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    Living in a motor home

    Anybody know any good web sites for information on narrow boats and where you can buy them?
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    tipi living!

    Tipis are simply magic. The only advice I have to give is to get one with a reasonably large diameter as smoke is really a problem in the smaller ones. You can have a stove instead of an open fire but it dosen't have the same magic.
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    Lavvu - "tipi" Kultalavvu. REVIEW

    PM sent. ......
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    Lavvu - "tipi" Kultalavvu. REVIEW

    No. Firstly they are too small to give off enough heat and secondly you would have feed them constantly. I have used a firespout and it is too small.
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    Have a look here:
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    Lavvu - "tipi" Kultalavvu. REVIEW

    I still recommend it highly. It is not as cosy as my canvas tipi but much more transportable. It dosen't have a groundsheet. Personally I dont think it needs one and a small fire should keep the insects away. To be honest I have only used it in in bad weather up to now so I have not had to deal...