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  1. Jack_D

    replica bronze age knife

    Hi there - looking for some wisdom from the group. My eldest son is studying (in final year) Archaeology at Southampton uni - he is doing his dissertation on bronze age barrows in Sussex. anyhow when he was meeting with one of his professors he noticed a replica bronze blade and offered my...
  2. Jack_D

    Strange Fungi

    Or it just might be that there very common and I have never come across them before. Went out with my youngest this afternoon in our local woods collecting some fatwood and came across a group of three of these at the base of a pine tree. Anyone any idea's Jon
  3. Jack_D


    Are there any members here selling beeswax? I know (before any body else mentions it) that I can find this to buy elsewhere. I would rather just buy from somebody within the forum, preferably that they have produced themselves. I would like some to polish wood and to waterproof thread etc...
  4. Jack_D

    Mahogany for an Axe handle?

    After seeing the excellent results that people have had in putting a handle on an old refurbished axe head I thought that I would give it a try. I have the axe head and have cleaned it up ( its a lot easier without the handle on ) I now just need to decide what wood to use for the handle...