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  1. legin

    Tiny Meths Bottle

    I've got a small meths stove like the homemade coke bottle ones with an MSR titanium Titan kettle with a Trail Designs Caldera Cone and I replaced their flimsy burner with a more robust one. I have had a small plastic bottle to hold enough meths for a couple of days use as the system is very...
  2. legin

    Alpkit Phlask

    The Alpkit Phlask is 550ml and made of titanium. Anybody got one, good or bad points?
  3. legin

    Ancient Newbie

    I am an ex Squaddie, retired Policeman who now brainwashes students at a local school into being happy and successful. I have watched Ray Mears and others on TV and decided it's about time I actually learned some of these skills and put them into practice. All advice and help gratefully...