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  1. J

    Makeshift Forge

    I annealed and shaped my first knife today! The forge I used was simple but very effective! It consisted of mud, a dog's bowl, a tin can, and a hair dryer. I was surprised by how well it worked, actually, in minutes it had heated my misshapen file to cherry red, when I hammered it flat...
  2. J

    Best Tinders?

    Hey, A few days ago I went out to the nearby lakes and built a shelter, and built a fire. The problem was, I was so unorgansied that I just grabbed anything withit arms reach for my fire. It didn't work. So I sat on my log for a few minutes, and had a think. Then I went out and collected all...
  3. J

    Cheap Hammock

    Hey, I'm just getting a load of new bushcraft/camping stiff at the moment, like a tarp, paracord etc. Where can I get a good hammock from? I don't want one of those stupid mesh ones by the way Thanks
  4. J

    WANTED: Old angle Grinder!

    Hey, I need an old angle grinder, any kind, cheap and cr@p?y or whatever you have and don't need Just tell me what you would like in return and I will try my best!
  5. J

    Making a Sheath?

    Hey, I'm gonna be making my first knife soon, but my dad has said to me "You can't have a fixed blade knife if you don't have a sheath!" So how do I make a sheath for my own custom knife? I dunno if it's like a really obvious thing because there are no threads on this sort of thing?? Thanks
  6. J

    Hi All

    Hi I'm toby, I'm 14 from the east midlands, I'm a beginner pretty much, but I can light a good fire, and manage it! I'm going to make a knife soon, so I need to find an angle grinder somewhere! Lookin forward to working/playing with you guys! Toby
  7. J

    Old pram wheels!

    I know that maybe this forum isn't the kind of forum for this, but oh well! I need two sets of wheels on their axles, the kind for those old prams. I am making a go kart, you see, and none of the tips have any. If I can have em for free, great, if not, name your price!
  8. J

    Newbie wanting to learn.

    Hey all, I'm 14 and Im a newbie to bushcraft. Thanks to some helpful BCUK members, I have several places that I can practise my bushcraft. If you were going to teach me the basics of bushcraft, what would you teach me and when? That way I can study those things and put them into practise...